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well, i've been working on story ideas for the comic for the past few months. i'm seriously thinking of relaunching the comic from scratch. don't worry, the character will not change and i don't think their character designs will alter any, either. it's just that i started this like a newspaper strip format and i'm moving more towards a comic book layout now. back in the beginnning, i had no set script or story, but now that i'm doing that, the old stuff looks out of place and it's seems ackward. i still have a fondness for those old strips though, so i won't be taking them off the site.
i have no idea when i'll be relaunching the comic. the story still needs work. in the meantime, here's a sketch of Amelia and Ferdinand.

posted by Kit on 10:58 AM


today is online comics day(OCD) and lots of webcartoonists have posted special comics!
go to the main OCD site to see all the participants work.

fyi-i'm sitting out this year, but i'm posting links so go support it!

still working on fixing bugs on the site-i'll keep you posted on what gets fixed.
posted by Kit on 9:03 AM


just when i get one thing fixed...
i fixed the imagemaps on the main page to point to the right pages, and then the images won't show.
i fix the images and now the imagemaps are pointing to the wrong places again!
if it's not one thing...

i think here's what bugs i have left to fix:
-correct main page imagemaps
-there are double ads on all the pages, fix it!
-there are broken images on the fanart page
-link page: add some links and fix others
- double check the fanart and sketchbook pages for broken links and images
-fix that %($&#&!! archive/dailytemplate design!

if anyone sees any other bugs, please let me know!

on the good news front, i did fix the cast page...all the images should show now. once again i remind people that there are character sheets for Amelia, Odile and Max that are on that page...if you can find them. >8^)
posted by Kit on 8:43 AM


i get the imagemaps fixed and what do i do?
i mess up the links to all the images on the page-now, none of them show, except the comic and navigation buttons.
it never ends. i'll try to get that fixed asap.
or maybe it's just my computer being stupid, but i doubt it.
posted by Kit on 9:57 PM

ok, i figured out how to get the imagemap on the nav bar above to work, so now you can get back to the rest of the site via it.
posted by Kit on 8:51 AM


thanks to bry @ wlcd for telling me what i was doing wrong. now the other pages in the site show up.
i have a few other links to add in the links page and others, and broken images to fix on the fan art and cast pages...if anyone sees one, please let me know. thanks!

i'm still tweaking this page a bit, too. i'm trying to get the image map to the nav bar above to work properly. i think i may call jo about this one...
posted by Kit on 9:08 PM


thanks to ken, the archives are now navigatiable, even if the new design for them isn't fixed yet. once again, we've had to load the default archive design just so it'd work. but at least now you can read the comics.
also, all of the navigation buttons will now display. it appears the keen server is picky about whether a file extension is either upper or lower case. *shrugs*

one by one, i hope to get the rest of the site going, starting with the archive redesign. wish me luck, cause that page has always presented me with trouble.
posted by Kit on 11:49 PM


i tried to see why the other pages for the site won't load, but i got nowhere. all the links looked correct to me.
i did fix a few minor things on the main page that were bothering me, but i still see others that need fixing.

and why do i have so much trouble with my archive? i uploaded the new design for it, but it insists that it is the default design you get when you sign up for keen...*growls* it's annoying! and what makes it worse is that i don't know why it does this or how to fix it.
such is life, i suppose.
if anyone has any idea why it does this or other reasons why my site is so messed up, kindly let me know what i'm doing wrong. thanks.
posted by Kit on 12:26 PM


Midsouth Con was a lot of fun, i wish i could've attended on Sunday, too but i had promised to help a couple of friends move.
MidsouthCon (March 26-28, 2004) is a local sci-fi/gaming convention held in Memphis each year. This year was a twin event with DeepSouthCon which is held in a different city in the South each year.

my boyfriend, Ken and i got off to a late start. we arrived in Memphis around 11:30 a.m., signed in and got our badges. oh, the poor people organizing the con...i felt so sorry for them! the printers for badges went kaput the night before so lots of folks had temporary badges that stated that their name was "paid," until they could get a new printer.

we looked around the art show, lot of nice pieces there. i think i might enter next year.
i noticed lots of folks doing the cosplay thing. i saw a trinity, a really good indiana jones, a witch hunter robin and gobs and gobs of stormtroopers courtesy of the 501st.

after that was a game of pictionary with artist Guest of Honor, Todd Lockwood; fellow MSCA member Lin Workman and some other artists who were very good but whose names i can remember, sorry guys! We played with members of the audience to form teams of 3 (artist and 2 non-artists) so they could win prizes. Ken was going to record the event on his laptop webcam, since he left his digital camera in the blazer, but we ended up being short of people and he had to be on my team so that i'd have the right number to play. i also had a nice little boy named Patrick on my team, (i say little, but he may have been 9 or 10...i'm sorry Patrick, i can't remember your last name!)

we ran out of time on our first round turn, so we were always points behind everyone else, but we got all our other turns! Patrick was good at this game. 8^) Ken had never played this game before so he had a bit of learning curve. We lost spectacularly, but it was so fun, that i didn't care. the winning team included Patrick's sister, so that was cool.

after that, there was the a panel on comics, but i had already promised to do an art demo in the art show room at that time. (note to self: next time check the programming schedule before you commit to a time.)
it was pretty simple, you sit down and draw or sculpt or paint or whatever for an hour. i had samples of my comics out for people to leaf through. this is what i drew:

she's not any particular character, just something i felt would be appropriate given the spirit of the con. i can tell i had fun drawing her because i lost track of time. it seemed that i had only just started the sketch when my hour was up.

Ken and i sawTodd's slideshow and snooped around the dealer room (it was a sci-fi con so there were lots of sci-fi and fantasy novels! *drools* i did get two new books Tapping the Dream Tree by Charles de Lint and and A Walking Tour of the Shambles: Little Walks for Sightseers #16 by Gene Wolfe and Neil Gaiman. we stuck around for bit that afternoon before we had to go home. i wish i could've stayed longer.

A big thank you to Dana Bridges, Mike Kingsley and all the organizers at MidsouthCon for inviting a little local artist like me. It was a lot of fun and if i get to come next year, maybe i can stay longer. 8^)
posted by Kit on 9:49 AM


jo e-mailed me a list of corrections to make to this blog's code so now everyone can read the posts.
thanks, jo!
posted by Kit on 11:22 AM


ok, now the blog's images load...
posted by Kit on 2:16 PM

i got jo's blog design up and going, but some bugs persists...like, it won't show my blogger entries and none of the images show...
i'm going to try something and see if i can get it to work.
everytime i fix some, i open a new can of worms, but at least it's progress.

a reminder, i'm going to MidsouthCon tomorrow! i'll be doing an art demo at 1pm, unless it get's rescheduled. i'll put a con report up later. i'll see if i can borrow carter's digital camera for the event...i should've thought to borrow ken's last weekend, but we didn't know that he'd have to work this saturday.
posted by Kit on 2:12 PM

well, i think i'm making some progress with the new site design.
at least most everything shows up on the main page now. but why won't it display the other pages and why is the archive page the old default layout...
bugs abound. if you see any, please e-mail me what it is.

hopefully ken can get a good look at it tonight.

also, yesterday, jo sent me the new design for this blog. thanks, jo!
i couldn't get my ftp to work last night or it might have been visible right now. i'll keep trying.
posted by Kit on 7:54 AM


ok, last night i loaded the new site design on to the keenspace servers.
i got tired of waiting for it last night, so i e-mail ken, jo and jonathan to see if it would come up on their computers.

well, according to ken the html was right but no images would load. basically, i just made things worse. 9.9
i'm going to let him look at it and see if he can fix it.
posted by Kit on 8:44 AM


ken went through the site's html last night and made the links relative instead of absolute so that when i begin loading the pages on keenspace, they should work.
i'm going to try it tomorrow night, (i'd do it tonight, but it's laundry night at dad's.)
there will be bugs, so i'm asking people to please notify me of them.
some i know of already...
for example, the donation & link buttons pages will not be uploaded immediately. i may not even have a donation page...i may make the donation link go straight to paypal...gotta think on that.

in other news, i will be at Midsouth Con in Memphis on March 27th! they actually invited me, even though i haven't updated in awhile. *shrugs* i'll post a con report when i get back.
posted by Kit on 8:30 AM

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