where have i been?
lots of places except in front of my computer long enough to post here. after staring at the monitor all day at work, it seemed like such a chore to jsut check my e-mail. i'm trying to catch up in it and with my webcomic reading (which i do exclusivly at home now. 8^P)

part of the problem is the slow dial up service i have at home. ick.
i'm going to limit my webcomics for now, i can always come back and read someone's archives to get caught up.
i just got a 17" monitor for christmas so my comic's site will be redesigned, and then i'll try to keep up with my e-mail and the blogs more. i may be posting only once a week. dang, posting when i had a spare moment at work made things so much easier. >8^( oh, well. and i gotta work in time to draw my comic. ug.
emily has graduated and moved out. it's just jo and me, now.

in other news, i got rear-ended by a tow truck back on 11-25-02. i just got my car back from the auto body shop last week, though ken thinks they could've done a better job of it. i had a mile case of neck sprain, but toherwise i'm ok. just been bogged down with work and the holidays.
ken has finally stopped posting charater sketches and officially started in shining armor. it looks good. 8^)
and i'm planning my new site design and trying to get started back on my comic and decide what to do for my two pages with the next keenspace book. keenspace has yet again moved their servers. i noticed the keenalert was messed up onmy page. poor tim. his site has completely vanished. 8^(
i'm almost afriad to update my comic. we'll see though. however, when i'm not at work or with ken, i'm going to try to get that web design complete.
ok, enough blabbing for now.