woah! it's dusty in here!
heh, guess it's been awhile since i posted. opps.
let's see... a recap of what's going on:
  • i've moved to a better, but a bit more expensive apartment. it's worth every extra penny, tho. been there for a month now.
  • ken's moved away to Oklahoma for another college degree. *wah!* i miss him! he'll be gone a year and i won't get to see him except for holidays.
  • jo's in germany for a year for her master's degree. *wah!* one of my best friends moved, too! seriously, though, i do hope she enjoys her stay and learns what she needs/wants. wish i could go back to europe.
  • still stuck in same job. 8^P nothing new there. but it looks like i might be creating some advertisements for one of our customers...we'll see.
  • c got a teaching job! way to go, caroline!
  • hilary got a new puppy! he's so cute! if i could have a pet, i'd dognap him for a day or two. not forever, tho. that would make hil very sad.
  • tim has quit his retail job for a very cool newspaper layout job. yay, tim!
  • one of my bosses has comissioned me to make some bracelets for her. she's going to give them to her family for christmas.
  • dave's back to working at the old comic shop, since that fiasco with Legends. it got sold, then a buyer dropped out. the others came to store and wanted to cart everything away. the police were called. it was messy. but at least dave's not out-o-work. and maybe this time things'll be better at the old shop.

i think that's pretty much everything... i'm trying to redirect myself to work on my comic once more. for some odd reason, fanfic that never gets written and never will, has flooded my brain. i'm trying to drain it out so i can get back to my characters and do original stories. i may restart blue canary again from scratch. i won't change the characters, tho. hmmm...blue canary, mark II...

and there's still things i need to fix on blue canary's website. argh! will the insanity never end. also i need to learn how the new code works at nightgig so i can set up a blue canary mirror site.