i drew some last night. still thinking about relaunching blue canary. i've been working on story on and off for the past few months and i feel that i'm finally getting ferdinand's history down.


strange days
Friday was weird. It all started at work. I don't know all the details ( and really don't want to know,) but one person no longer works here.
It seems rather secretive and stiffling here at work now. perhaps it will pass. as long as it doesn't effect my job, i'm not going to be to worried.

visited with Caroline some yesterday. We watched "Return of the King," as she graded papers.

Last week, mom renewed her cell phone contract and added me onto it. i'm trying to learn how to get new polyphonic ringtones. it seems that i can only get the first few seconds or Kb of a ringtone. it's annoying. grrr. perhaps i'll figure it out soon. i did manage to succeed with small ringtones that i use for text messages and such. now, every time mom sends a message, i get the puzzle solved fanfare from "the legend of zelda." i'm such a geek. 8^)P

ken's still doing well at school, but each days just makes us miss each other more. if i couldn't talk to him on the phone, i think i'd be bonkers by now.