my roomie emily has such a fashion sense. like the apron pants she was wearing one day. o.0
but sometimes she needs reassurance that the outfit looks ok, especially after she gets something new. i'm almost the same way. lol
it was cute, she tried on 3 different outfits and asked my opinion.
all of the sudden i'm a fashion expert. me, who's favorite outfit consists of jeans and t-shirt. *shrugs*

the halloween comic for the nice is coming along. hopefully i'll be done tomorrow. 8^)
then i just need to finish the color for the already way to late comic for blue canary and do that drawing for cindy, smeffysnark's prize drawing and adam's tattoo design. in that order.
that's right folks, someone actually wants ferdinand on a tattoo. 8^)
i'd try to stay up late and get that halloween comic complete but i do have work in the morning and that meeting starts at 9am. that is when i usually get there, so i need to be early tomorrow and all dolled up. 8^(P

lots o' meetings at work this week. some far they are going ok, i just need to take better notes and remember what tasks i've been given. if i do that, i should be fine.

back to coloring...


well, i got an e-mail at work on monday that basically said, "get off the internet and get to work. it's for work purposes only and you're reading too many webcomics." ;.;
so i may not be writing in here much now.

i'm also very late with a comic. ;.; but the halloween comic i'm doing with the nice is due soon, so i've got to get that comic done first then i'll post my late comic the week after.

ok so i've got to draw like a madwoman now...


staying with in the lines
still coloring the comic. 0.o boy, all that coloring in elementary school is paying off. 8^)P
it's taking longer than i thought.
sometimes it feels like a chore. i can't let myself stop though. i'm afraid if i do, i won't start it up again.
that would be a terrible diservice to my characters. they feel more alive than previous ones i created early on in college.
i just gotta keep at it.

i took ken to meet some of the family last night. uncle bob and aunt joy came in from west virginia and since we hardly get to see them, it was time to get the sibling together and have some food. the get-together was at my uncle frank's. my bro and myself were the only "kids" there. but it was good to see aunt willie, uncle danny and aunt doris and uncle frank and aunt glenda.
aunt glenda put together some good speghetti with homemade sauce. *yum*
and they liked ken! 8^) that's always good.

the nice is putting together little halloween comics.
cartoonists are split into groups of 4. one writes the script and all draw it.
that would be about the work of 1 color strip and 1 black and white one for the page i'm doing for it.
it should be cool though. i'm getting to work with jason furness, ian mcdonald and mark mekkes with this. it's going to be a good story. 8^)
so, since it'll take alot of drawing, expect no comic from me until halloween. except for the one i'm coloring right now.

when jo got home, she showed me the sca scrolls she had made. the one i was suposed to work on but didn't get the time...it looked lovely. 8^) plus, she brought home lots of scrolls that need to be painted for samhain/ork wars over at grey niche for next weekend. i'll try to paint some of those this week. and maybe jo and i can make another one, this time i'll actually help. lol

oy! where does the time go?


catching up
well, the comic is almost finished. i'm coloring it tonight. i asked tim if the color made up for it's being 2 weeks and a day late. he thougtht so. 8^)

art class at ms. nanci's went well. the entire place has the smell of turpentine, it's a relaxing smell to me. very comforting. also, nanci's the most nuturing art instructor i've known. i never feel stifiled or held back. maybe next time i can try painting. i'm starting to want to try it again.

things at work have been crazy. apparently steve isn't too happy about my output so i had to step it up this week. i just faxed 4 proof this morning to him and to terry.
i did hear from terry on the redesign. she likes it so far, which is good. but she mentioned that steve had just left town to see about another store fixing to open. oy. 0.o talk about hurry up and wait.

the scanner is still acting up. ug.
but terry thougth i could get the clip art for the ads on cd. if i could get that, it would help greatly.

i had fun at crown list during the weekend, even if our tent did leak. i'll elaborate on that in another post. jocelyn got her AoA (Award of Arms.) she's "Lady" Beatrice now.
hee 8^)

i'm in the middle of a late lunch, so back to my burger.


stupid scanner
relax, the comic will be completed on thursday.

no, this is my scanner at work. a hand-me-down from the boss. it's only a couple years old. *bleh*
why didn't you get me a new scanner when i started like i requested? scanners don't cost that much unless you're looking to get a negative scanner, a professional drum scanner or an 11x17 scanner, (ken can argue about that last one though. he found one on clearance for a nice price.)

this stupid hp i have only works half the time. i hate hp scanners. the program that scans is awful! they should stick to printers.
if it doesn't work today, i'm gonna e-mail jeremy and see if he can ask steve for a better scanner.
right after jeremy gets to feeling better from being sick.


well, jo and i went to see our roomate perform in The Fantasticks last night, (she did so good!) i had no idea it would last so long. no drawing of the comic for the kit. and i was in a drawing mood, too! >8^(
why? because i found shane glines' drawing board forum and from this thread, this drawing resulted:

it irratated me to no end that i couldn't get the image to show on the board, i had to post an outside link. bah!
but, i haven't felt this good about a drawing in quite some time. i love how it turned out. true, i need to work on the hand on her hip and some of the shadows and feet, amoung other things, but on the whole not bad. i altered the image from it's original fashion model type to a sneak peak of the main vampire villianess for blue canary. enjoy the sneak peak.
i'll try to finish drawing the comic this weekend. maybe it'll be posted on sunday or monday.
i may be turning this into more of a drawing/oekaki blog. *shrugs*



it's that bald chick from the first star trek movie. why did i draw her? *shrugs* ya got me. i dunno.
and here's some previous oekaki examples:

what's goin' on?
i got the sketches to cindy on friday, so far i haven't heard back form her, so i don't know if that design got approved or what. she'll let me know i suppose.

i spent this weekend at ken's. had fun, ate too much fatty frozen pizzas and played way to many video games. 8^)
yeah, i should've worked on my comic, but something wasn't there. drive? the muse? i dunno, but it lacked something.
after this weekend though, i am glad that i don't have a playstation 2 at home. if i did, i'd never get a comic done! 6^)
"why?" you ask.
well for two reasons.
1.) final fantasy X. i still haven't finsihed it, but then since i only get to play it when ken's on call, that's understandable.
2.) ken bought me kingdom hearts. 8^D so far i'm liking the game.

ken found a playstation verison of the arcade game, gauntlet. four people can play but there was only the two of us and he only had one controller. he's so sweet, he went and bought another one so we both could play.

well, the big event is this weekend, by that i mean it's crown list time for meridies and if you read this often, you'll know that my incipenet shire is the host of the event, the 25th anniversary of the kingdom and the 50th crown list. lots of work to do. poor jo is sewing like a madwoman. our dresses for court/feast will look different that we originally intended but knowing jo, they will look just as good. i'm helping serve and assisting dee with the table decorations, (they're not subtleties! they're blantancies!)
but a complication has arose this morning when my mom called wanting to come home for a weekend and looking for a bed. i dont' mind her being there, it's just that i'm not going to get to see her. i'll ask jo what she things. we may offer to let her stay there regardless. i dunno. emily supposed to have company this weekend, too and they might need my bed. hmmmm.

i think right now though, i'm going to concentrate on work.

well, i got an upgrade for my blog so i can post images last month.
i noticed on my bank statement last week that i got charged for hosting, twice. ouch
i think i know why. the computer i was on gave me the old "page not available" screen and like a ninny i hit refresh. 9.9
i e-mailed them about this last week but have heard no response. i tried again via their help forums. i hope this works.
i'd like refund but i'm open for other options...we'll see.
i got an e-mail from my brother yesterday about recieveing a couple of bank statements. one's gotta be for my savings account, but the other? i hope it's not an overdrawn notice.


i got a message from the boss at my old internship. i've got a cartoon for a t-shirt design. it should be great fun. 8^) i'm glad i'm getting to work with her again. i felt that i coped out on the last project she gave me. i need to get her a good sketch my tomorrow. my comic may wait another day.

dinner at dad's tonight. taco soup. yum! jo is invited, too!
she and i had a nice lunch at kirin today. they do cool custom stir-frys like at the flatop grill in chicago. yummy! next time i'm in there, i'm gettting one

last night i went to nanci's art class. joy! i had fun. i had no idea until i got there how much i missed the smell of paint and turpentine. i tried ot work on blue canary some, and while i was able to sketch a layout of the next strip and start the penciling, my creative spirit wanted to do something fun. i did a litte illustartive style sketch with pencil and markers. it was fun.

nanci noticed my new moonstone beaded necklace. she suggested that i make lots of jewelry and sell them at local festivals. get a booth, said it would be $10-20 and sell my work. i may do that one day. we'll see.

now, i'm just waiting for go home time.


road trip
i borrowed ken's laptop and gps for the drive to and from texarkana. armed with it and directions on how to navigate little rock from sandy, my trip was a breeze and the gps served as an electronic security blanket boosting my confidence as i drove. i'm proud of myself for driving that far and back again. very tired and exhausted but proud.

i arrived around 3:40pm and had no troulbe checking in and finding my room and unpacking. i call the 'rents and ken letting them know that i arrived safely.
then i got bored and hungry. thank god for ken's gps. i found a chili's next to a micheal's and a book-a-million. i got a book to read so my eyes would have somethign to look at during dinner. i didn't go into micheal's like i wanted. i decided i didn't need to spend the money on more art supplies when i have plenty of them already.

i got alittle turned around on the way back to the hotel, but i made it.

the night before, ken and i downloaded an atari 2600 emulater and loads of games. i organized them into where they were supposed to go to run on the emulator and then sat back and played a little. some games like combat and breakout i could figure out how to start. and sometimes, the joysticks and paddles controlers and better than the keyboard. they just make the game ya know...
ken found his old atari 2600 in the attic. he needs some controllers but i believe the games are already in osceloa just waiting to be palyed. yay!

well, i guess the batteries ken got me were bad, because even though i stuck in fresh batteries in the gps unit, it refused to connect to the satellites. uh-oh. i needed to get to work that morning on time. well, the prs program at least showed a map of were to go, but didn't log my progress. dang, that street broke into two one ways! oy!
but i made it right on time and the meeting went well. ads will get a slight redesign, i'm will get more marketing and advertising duties. like being the head of it. 0.o
i have 30 days to learn some morea nd get some ads redone. wish me luck!

the drive home was long, but uneventful. ken called to track my progress and jo had dinner ready when i got home. thank god for roommates and friends that cook. 8^)
i now have some extra hours on the clock due to my trip. i slept in an extra hour this morning. >8^D hee!

now, i need to find some more info on marketing...