i'm wondering if my not being able to publish any updates to my blog had something to do with an incorrect password.
i'll try a new one and see. i did try one earlier and got the dreaded error 503. yuk!


and since we've no place to go...

white flakes fall outside and still continue. i don't think it's stopped at all this morning. i awoke to a white landscape this morning. a peaceful view out the big kitchen window as i put my shoes on and packed a lunch for work. my first thought was of the grin that must be on ken's face. he may have trouble with system's crashing and way too many calls for him to come fix someone's computer, but that snow would somehow bleach all the negatives out of today.

jo got into grad school. got her letter of acceptance the same day her dad got his for a school of theology. 8^) on the 23rd, i'm heading to ft. smith to a information session on scad, to see if a mfa in sequential art is something i can attain. i won't be starting right away. i'm thinking of another year of two from now.

i'm keeping track of the advertising bills at work now. at first i wasn't so sure, but as the first bills trickle in and i look at the spreadsheet with it's list of what these bill should be costing us, i find that i enjoy it. it's something else for me to do. and i felt good today. i spotted an error correctly! 8^) it makes me feel intelligent, especially since math and numbers usually do not.
i also got the ads due today taken care off, early! yay me!

i'm wondering if blogger has fixed their updating stuff. i still can't see them when i load this page at home, but i daren't try it at work! i also want to see the update of ken's comic. it wouldn't show at home. i guess keen_ was goofing again. i'll try it again when i get home.

now i have some buydown signs to make. at least i will not be bored. perhaps it is a good thing that i don't have a window in my office. i'd be too intranced by the snow to work. 8^)


& now...
a fortune cookie moment.

"The secret of getting ahead
is getting started.
Lucky Numbers 11, 16, 30, 44, 45, 46"

i need to remember this one. especially since i'm trying to beat a procrastination habit.