i decided to go by the store and get some chocolate during my late lunch break.
i couldn't find those lindt bars the store had on sale, so i got ghiradelli instead.
mmmm! now this dark chocolate i can handle!
Also, while there i stocked my junk food stash! got ken a bag of hot fries. 8^)
i know he likes them, but part of me feels a little guilty since he's trying to lose weight.
i know! i'll help him eat them 8^) then it won't be so bad.
man, i wish all solutions were this easy.

last night, i was adding the dialouge to my comic, when i noticed that my comic fonts was gone! what?
i didn't delete it, it just vanished. i noticed that the bold and bold italic versions disappeard months ago, but i was getting along without them ok.
and now they vanished?
lucky for me, ken had copies and sent them to me over yahoo messenger. i love my boy. he saved my comic. 8^)

i bumped into leif at mcalister's (that is were i went for actual lunch food.)
he mentioned the music on main street thing they've been having on weekends downtown.
i'll this for jonesboro, it's got a cool downtown area. my friend nancy, who's a native new yorker, once called it a "mini-manhattan."
maybe if ken wants to, we can go. don't worry, jo, i won't mention you or foss. or mention where i live.

and now they finally told me that yes, they've decided to have labor day off. i wish they would've told me earlier.
i could fly down to see mom in texas, but that means less time with ken.
ack! i hate decisions like this. see why i want all my decisions to be easy? but then life prolly wouldn't be worth living without tough chocies.
i'll talk to ken tonight and then call mom and see.
i've hardly been calling home at all. part of me feels real guilty. why am i doing this? glad to get out? axnious to get away? with dad i can kinda understand, even though he's easier to deal with now that i'm not under his roof, but what about mom? i guess i'm so used to her calling every day like she used to when she lived in state.

i opened my e-mail this morning to a piece of fan art from tim. 8^) he's trying to start his own webomic as soon as keen_ activates new accounts...
also, i heard from a fan who hadn't written in awhile. he wants to get a tattoo, with ferdinand on it. i get to design it. this ought to be interesting...

darn! i have to re-e-mail that ad again!
why aren't they receiving the corrected version? dang it!

signing up
just send out for my cbldf membership. 8^)

i want!
*sniff* i want this for my office!

now i've seen it all
behold, the bible tranlated into...pig latin?


well, my comic wasn't finished before bed tonight, the sleepys hit hard. good thing, too, since one of the big bosses was in this morning.
i'll finish the comic after work. all i need to do is scan it, do graytones and dialouge.

oh, great.
and now, they're finding things they want to change on the ad, after deadline. i doubt they'll get the corrections in time.
ug! why don't you people look at this and comment before the deadline is up, huh? sheesh!

ken has decided to start back to work on in shining armor while he waits for the keenspace account for monday the 13th to be activated.

plus, the chocolove strong dark chocolate bar is too strong for me. 70% cocoa!
maybe i should get a pure dark one instead next time. that won't be as bitter with 55% cocoa.
i'll give this stong one to jo. she'll like it.

And now, a fortune cookie moment...
"A good home is happiness.
Lucky Numbers 8, 21, 32, 37, 38, 39"

you know, i think they quit trying on those last three numbers. 6^)


leaks and assorted ramblings
i moved my keyboard at work this morning to discover a small puddle of water. it was about 6" long by 1" wide.
what tha? i didn't spill any water...
turns out that the unbelieveibly fast and hard storm we had on saturday caused a few leaks, one of which right above my computer and printer.
both are ok, i mean i am typing this on it, so no worries there.
i had some help and we rearranged my office so my computer is safe from leakage.
only thing is i hate the new layout. it makes my office look smaller. ick.
perhaps i can move it again once the leaks are fixed...

i've got to draw a comic this week. i never got a chance to build up a buffer the past weeks while i was fiddling with pngs.
i did spend alot of this weekend playing worms:armageddon with ken. we managed to find a copy. 8^)P oh, that game is so fun!
maybe jo and i can paly a round if she's not too tired after class. that reminds me, i need to pick her up at wilson hall tonight.

i think keen_ may start activating new accounts soon! yay! that means ken can start his new comic! 8^D
i can't wait for him to start that up. we also discussed bringing out our old spy ducks and such. it would be fun to bring them back in comic form. we never got past idea stage last time.

plus, it looks like next year's keenspace spotlight comic book will be given away on free comic book day as well as at next year's comiccon. 8^) now, i'm happy about that. i wonder if i can get the local shop here to get a box to pass out...
the next issue of the zine for the nice is starting to get underway. perhaps the comic shop will pass those out, too.
i'm anxiously awaiting my membership stuff from the friends of lulu and the msca. i'm hoping i get another "real women read comics," bumper sticker. the old one was rather attached to my old car, leon the neon, when he was sold.
*waits patiently by the mailbox* that reminds me, i need to buy some stamps...


updates and stuff
well, today's comic loaded fine. why?
i used a jpeg. but i have not given up on the png. i'm gonna wait awhile and then try again.
thanks to Russ over at KO Fight Club for fixing the preivous png.
also, thanks to all on the ecartoonists list for the helpful png info. it was very helpful.

the second roomate has returned.
actually i'm the third. 8^)
emily stayed with her folks this summer and now that college has started back up, she with us once more.
i don't know emily that well, but from what i've experienced she's quite nice. hopefully, things will go smoothly.

more fan art! cute odile sketch from b.j. hiorns of jackie's fridge! i love getting fan art. it makes me happy. 8^)

i tried fixing my archive page last night. didn't take. what am i doing wrong? is is some little something that i'm forgetting? what?

i'm thinking of cutting my hair shorter once again. maybe after crown list. i might need that extra length for the period hair style.

i'm also tinking of saving up and getting a bigger monitor for my computer at home. it's hard to use adobe golive to design webpages on a 15" screen. i wish i had mom's monitor. that would be a nice one. i'll just have to shop around and see how much i can get away with for little money.

i renewed my membership to the friends of lulu on monday and sent in a check to join the msca as well! 8^)

ok. that's all i can think of. back to work.


stupid pngs!
what did i do wrong? all i got was a black box instead of my comic. ;.;
that and the url to the fanart page is wrong! on two of the 3 links to in on the main page.
use the blue button for it instead of the text links. i'll try to fix it tomorrow.
i may just load super-huge jpegs on the page after all....
the fanart is just precious! valentine drew a cute image of odile and amelia. so go see it. 8^)


i just returned a call from my bank...
apparently the check i deposited in the new roomates grocery/bills account made me overdrawn by a little over $2.00.
yuck. hmmm.
i wonder why the bank's amount and mine is so different? according to my checkbook i have enough...

update 8-15-02 i took care of this. i wonder why it was so off...did i add instead of substact? o.0

increasing my readership
tim, one of my fans on the forum, just gave me an idea...
xerox some flyers.
i can post these all over the campus in an effort to increase my readership.
i told him about my post-it note campaign...go into the computer labs and place post-its with my comic's web address on the monitors. 8^)
i'll look into that...

lots o' stuff
the past few days have been interesting..
i had a business meeting in texarkana on the ninth, a long one! the drive itself was ok, thanks to sandra, who did most of that. plus it was better than driving alone.
sandra is the northern regional supervisor of our cancer stick stores.
the meeting took all day! i got there in the texarkana branch office at 8:30 am, the meeting began at 9. while stopped around 12:30pm for lunch, back in the meeting at 1:08 and didn't stop until 5:30! o.0
from there sandra needed to talk with bill, the southern area supervisor on some issued brought up in the meeting and check out a couple of his stores for shelving.
big stores, the biggest ones i've seen so far.
then we were on the road home. we arrived in judsonia around 10:30pm and i crashed at sandra's. if i had tried to go on home, i wouldn't have gotten there until 12:30am.
plus i had to work the next day! 9.9

luckily, i got reimbused for my mileage to bald knob, where i met sandra and for my meals.
and all the time on the road was also time on the clock. $cha-ching!$

i learned alot about the stores, hopefully it will help me design better ads for the stores. and i believe we're going to negoiate contracts with our advertisers to bring the costs of the ads down. plus my work load on the ads might increase by 3 more stores soon. i just finished a report on all the ad info i possessed to aid with that.

this weekend i spent with ken. 8^)
which was good.
i met jo and scott and the rest of the folks at dee's little lets make stuff for the feast hall night at her place and then back to ken's where doug and c were visiting.
they were watching "tomb raider" when i got back. we were all so tired after the movie that we crashed there.
but i didn't sleep too good. yet another urinary tract infection has snuck up on me.

*sigh* i tried to get in to the urologist on monday but he's out of the office until next monday. >8^(
so, i ran to urgentcare to get some meds until then. i've been battling these things for well over a year now and i'm getting sick and tired of it (no pun intended.)
it seemed like i was going every month to the doctor with one of these 'til i found the urolgist and now i have one again. UG! why isn't the medicine enough?
i'll ask the urologist if there is something he can do...
i'm feeling better, but i didn't get my comic done done to not being able to sit still for very long.
so i'm uploading the pages i did for the keenspace spotlight book they handed out at comic-con international.
that gives me time to finish that project for cindy (see below,) and get a couple of comics done.

jeremy is here to install our new cable modem. we are that providers only business package client and therefore it will have the speed of a t1. oh yeah! >8^)
linda and i are going to be it's geinea pigs. 8^) alas, this mean the old servers, spock, bones and kirk (what? the old i.t. guys were star trek fans? what gave you that idea?) will soon be outdated and making room for king edward, prince albert and sir releigh.
*you got prince albert in a can? whay don't ya let 'im out?* yes i know, silly but cute.

i got a commision from cindy, my old boss at my internship. i need to work on it tonight. a cute illustration for a logo. and best of all, i'm getting paid for it! yes!
freelance work! woo hoo!

i must draw tonight! and dangnabit, after missing an update, i will have something on my page tomorrow!

fortune cookie!
"You have an ambitious nature and may make a name for yourself.
Lucky Numbers 6, 17, 18, 23, 30, 39"

guess who had chinese buffet for lunch. 8^)


it worked!
yea! i just relized that the update i made on the faqs page for my comic took!
that is it update properly! yea!
perhaps i can fix the holes in the code with a design update after all...

first business trip ever this week.
had a meeting in texarkana on wedensday (i was traveling on tuesday and on wedensday night. 0.o)
least i was clocking up the overtime. learned quite a bit there, too.
but the trip made my comic schedule go awry!
i'm still working out what it's going to be.
this is why i wish i could get it scripted out in advance. maybe ken and i can do that...
but i know i have a deadline, the comic needs to be on the page tomorrow. and it shall be!

i do have sketches made on the future layout for my webpage. now i have an idea of what i want to use as a guideline, plus i get to use ken's super-sweet computer.
hmmm. maybe i should copy my webpage stuff onto disk again and take it with me in case i need to load anything.

i'm seeing con-reports all over now from those who attended the san diego comic con international. all i can say is i wish i could've gone.
but next year i will be there! 8^)

i'm doing a cartoon for a logo for my old boss at my internship. 8^)
she has the sketches right now and is showing the client.
we'll see how it goes from there. 8^) yea! freelance work! woo hoo!

*yawn* ok, back to work!


go read over at neil gaiman's blog.
his current entry is why i'll prolly join the comic book legal defense fund when i get money.
that reminds me i need to renew my friends of lulu membership, too...