i got a peek at the completed 'zine the nice is putting out for the comic-con.
looks good!
and isabel gonzales did a wonderful job on the cover.
who's on it?
why a variety of characters from the contributing comics, including amelia and ferdinand. cute!
way to go, izy!

one and a half hour(s) and i am free from my job.
but not from work.

i have comics to draw!
two pages by tomorrow. wish me luck.

mom called. she got the earrings carter and i got her.
i'm glad she liked them.
she's missing one though. it wasn't in the box. she double checked...

i get to see my love today! 8^)
he's going to fix me dinner. so sweet!

i did some warm-up drawings at work.
some sketches of odile's elder sister, odette, and their younger sister,otthild who is called "searcy." she has a habit of turning people into pigs.
there is also a fourth, the youngest.
i haven't got her name yet.
she is quite different. she lacks the distinctive dots under the left eye.
her eyes look cateract-like, but they can see.
she is a stealer of souls-for she has no soul of her own.

i'm trying to find her a name..


what a day.
first i have to stay an hour late unless i want to come in at 7am tomorrow.

i got the ad in on time but barely. good thing i didn't wait for them to give the fiinal ok on it or it would not have been done in time.
it's still a little late. we have the ad dept. behind schedule waiting for our information, otherwise they can't run the ad.

at least the one for the second store is done, too and it's deadline is tomorrow at 5pm.

i tried drawing some last night, the panels are up on the first page.
the drawing themselves where not turning out right. i'll keep at it when i get home tonight. but that one hour will lessen the time i spend on it.
i'd like to get both pages done tonight. i may have to cut down on the time ken and i have friday and finish the comic up. ug. i hate deadlines!
i'll need to either scan it at kinko's or wait and scan it on ken's computer.
i'll need to bring a cd-rw with my files and the fonts i use...

i will get these pages done on time!
there is no excuse!

now, i must go and send in the second ad so i won't have to worry with it tomorrow and check and see if they fixed the badge printer properly.


well, ken was right.
i have to bug people to get the info i need.
the ads are coming together and look "mahvelous!"

now i just need the finishing touches of into so they can be completed and sent of to the papers.


i just finished theif of time.
need i say more?


is my comments box finally working?
let me know!

i've been on a book binge.
i bought two new manga. vol 6 of ranma 1/2 and clamp's chobits vol 1.

i'm reading jo's copy of the first of swords. i'm half-way through it.
i also started theif of time yesterday and i'm half way through it.
i love terry pratchett novels. 8^)
i can wait for the re-issue of reaper man. then i'll be all caught up. woo hoo!

next, i will be reading neil gaiman's american gods.

jo also said she saw the next book in l.e. modisett's spellsong cycle out in paperback! 8^D

i wonder what else i can find out there...


here is what i have come up with so far for mosquito creek.

Dr. Mary Anglea, "Mary An" (yes the one "n" is intentional,) Robinson is a prominent parapsychologist. or she was.
until her ex(still working on the name. last name is robinson,) stole a theory on ghost magnets, a project she had been working one her entire life. the paper was never published. he has made exhaustive efforts that her theory is mocked, disbelived and laughed at while putting his own new age-y theories on pedistals as the only true ones.
her ex is also a paranormalist of note. no degree however, he is more along the lines of charletans and tricksters than anyone of scientific knowledge.

soon, she recieves divorce papers.
from there, the world of paranormal reseach is split, unevenly, between the ex and the ghost magnet theory and a bitter mary an, trying to piece a life and a career back together.

in the middle of this is their daughter, Natalie, who up 'til this point has been daddy's little girl. she is about 9.
one night, she had a nightmare. in it a young woman is killed (just how will be determined.) she gets out of bed in search of a glass of water and comfort from a parent.
she finds her dad rummaging about in her mom's study. papers are everywhere. he gathers her papers along with computer files (think old 5" floppies this is the eighties.) she never sees what he does with them (note: he destroys them all.) little nat knows how important these papers are to her mom. she spends more time on them than with her. but what is daddy doing in there? why is he taking them? those aren't his to take.
she doens't know the words the right words but she knows something is wrong. dad is doing something wrong.

skip ahead some months, maybe a year. natalie had been living with an aunt on her dad's side. the aunt is kind, but natalie does not care. she is thinking on what she saw.

the divorce's day in court arrives. the ex states reasons why he should have custody of nat. mary an is silent in court, the sting of betrayal is still effecting her. she does make a half-hearted bid for nat's custody, not relly believing she'll be rewarded with it.
the judge decides to ask nat. the ex has no problems with this. he is sure of his total win.

"natalie, your dad would like you to live with him. your mother has also stated some interest in keeping you. who do you want to be with?"

it's a terrible thing for a child to be asked. however, nat has had time to brood and think over what she saw her father do. he stole her work. he cheated by putting his name on it. it only takes her a few seconds to decide.

"my mother, please."

shock on the ex's face, he recovers quickly. offers her toys, a pony, whatever if she chooses him. to no avail.

she whispers, "i know what you did." (i know this part is a little cliche and needs work.)

she looks up at the judge and says loud enough for the court to hear, "may i live with my mother?"

up until this point, mary an had thought she had lost everything. how naive could i have been?
nat's choice brought her some hope. they hadn't been awfully close, nat usually doted on her father. why did she choose me?

from this point nat and mary an become closer than they had been. it isn't easy for them, but they manage.
mary an takes back her maiden name, mitchell, and has nat's changed to it also. she trys to fade out of the paranormal world some, hoping that people would forget and her career may not be a total loss. she doesn't abadon it altoghter, just keeping a low profile.
speed ahead some years.
nat is now 16.
mary an tries to find work as a professor in the universities that offer paranormal studies courses. it is time to return to her work.

her old alma mater in arkansas surprisingly has started a paramormal program and needs faculty. the head of the department is an old friend and he has always leaned to her theories. to cinch the matter, mary an's mother has died. the parents moved to florida years before. as soon as her dad was able to retire. they seemed to speed away from their hometown of Mosquito Creek as fast as they could. this leave mary an with some money and a house. in a very haunted rural community.

in this place, mary an grew up. the ghosts outnumbered the living. if you didn't have any live kids to play with, you could always find some that weren't alive that wanted to.
here, mary an's theory of ghost magnets, places where ghosts, by some unknown force are unable to leave the earth. they do not go to heaven or hell.
her theory of their existance rocked the paranormal world of research or would've had it been published. her ex destroyed years of notes and research. all she had was in her head. now, she is in a place where she can do her reseach any from prying eyes of her ex and his cronies. it's perfect. in summer she moves and begins to get the house in order. nat thinks she only there for the summer.
she is a little upset to hear that they are moving into a hick town in arkansas. she starts at the local high school in the fall.

during the first act of the comic, we see mary an and nat move in, affairs of the house put in order, the move is made official and mary an takes the professorship, nat is motified that they will be living in one of the hick capitals of the world. we see foreshadowing of the ghosts. nat's first experience is a revelation that begins the second act (chapter) of the story.
natalie is discovering her psychic abilities. she decides to keep mum about them until she figures them out.

not all of the ghost in mosquito creek can be seen. not all can be heard. some are completly insivisble. as the tiime wears on the ghost, it fades. it still exists but humans can not longer see or hear. even the more recent of ghost cannot interact with them. old ghost are usually isolated by themsleves, rarely in small groupings of 2 or 3.
the isolation sometimes drives them insane, into wrathful creatures...their anger and rage drives their will and they learn to manipulate objects. some are harmful poltergeists, others, are mre gruesome and horrible. they bend their will towards harm.
natalie can see, hear and interact with these "faded ones." only she and others with her abilities can. she can warn of the harmful ones while talking with the ones who are just lonely. like old ms. dickey, a faded one who used to be the town school marm and librarian back in the 1800s.
"it's good you've decided to visit me again, i was worried that i upset you last time."

"last time? i've never met you before.."

"Beth Mitchell, how can you say that?"

"woah! woah! my name is natalie. who's this 'beth'?"

and thus natalie learns of her aunt and that she also could speak with the faded ones.
that dream she had all those night ago...
it was of Beth, her mother's older sister.
beth has been watching and waiting. trying to decide if she should interact with her little sister and niece.
at first,she doesn't know who they are and why they are moving into her house! her parents' house!
until mary an recieves a visitor, beth's old high school sweatheart turned high school art teacher. he heard that mary an had returned.
beth eavesdrops on the dinner and learns who has moved in and why.

nat is on the other side of town having met elise hunn, called "rabbit."
rabbit has lived here for 5 years know. she has never experienced a ghost even though her house is haunted (where in mosquito creek is not haunted?)
she shares nat's feeling about it being the hick capital of the world. she escapes when she can to visit realitves out of state. rabbit had just returned from one of those trips with the ends of her long hair dyed a vivid, dark blue.
her mother had a fit in the middle of the airport and she was grounded on the spot. this is the first that rabbit could get about. upon relating this to nat, she laughs and said, "it's a good thing i didn't tell her i got my belly button pierced! or show her my tattoo!"
(it's a small blue bunny on her lower back, small of the back? sorta...)

rabbit introduces her to the only native she deems fit to know, zak, fellow student and an aspiring magician. he wants to be better than david copperfield. thing is, zak's magic tricks always go awry in strange ways. instead of a rabbit out of the hat, try snow.
nat figures out why in chapter 5. his magic is real.

nat learns that beth is a dead ringer (no pun intended) for her. they look so alike it's uncanny.
beth begins to follow her...
after awhile of this, nat gets fed up and tricks beth unto showing her self to mary an and nat.
a reunion ensues, maybe not exactly happy, but without malice.

through all of this, mary an concentrates on the ghost magnet. she gather up evidence to prove it and tries to figure out the who, what when here and why's. not to mention the how, as in, how did they place become a ghost magnet? under what conditions do ghost magnets exist? etc.

we see foreshadowing that the ex is trying to find natalie. soon he discovers where she is and then what mary an is trying to do...this must be stopped...
perhaps he'll send some of his cronies to visit the para-psy dept. at the university. or something. i'll figure it out.

ooo! dramatic tension! 8^)P

i think the story is coming along nicely. 8^)

i can't believe i am working on memorial day, but here i am.
i have a deadline but feel like doing as little as i can get away with.

of all the days! my love has the day off. a three day weekend and i can only enjoy two of those days fully with him. 8^(
i'll see if i can see him for dinner before he goes back to osecola tonight.
it is so nice to spend time with him. i hardly get to now with our jobs in seperate cities. at least he's only an hour away.
i miss him.

i was taking a shower yesterday when epiphany struck.
a plot line is developing finally for mosquito creek. 8^)
i just need to work on some characters, their story's and develop them a bit and i'll be ready to start.
still lots of work before i can begin though.
i'm excitied about it!

i tagged along with ken's folks and sister as they went to the new bass pro shop in memphis yesterday. it's ok. not my type of place, but that's ok. they have fun there. 8^)
we stopped for dinner nearby in what looked to be a seedy little cafe.
those were some darn good eats! 8^)

no printer cable, if was forgotten until last night. not enough time to get it. but i can always go to kinko's. i'll be ok.
i'll try and work on my keenspace book contribution some tonight and tomorrow night. i may have to hand letter it. it may be too big to export out of illustrator otherwise...
we'll see.

i still have more stuff to move! ug.


oh definatly! this color must stay.
i thought i'd try this red for a few days to see if i like it. and oh, do i ever! 8^)

if i do the skins for this thing, blue will be for a sketch of rabbit (from mosquito creek. i finally got her re-design looking the way i want it.)
i'm slowly but surely updating the design of those characters. maybe in a month i can have something on it's site.

i can't wait to go home.
i couldn't believe it when i looked at the clock.

i could've sworn it was 2 or 3...

sleepy. i stayed up too late last night reading.
's a good book, so far. 8^)

work is just blah. i have the typical "friday jitters."
that is to say, i want to be out of here more than usual.

at least i'm feeling better today.

i'm so excited about the design i came up with for the blog. i can't wait to get it up and going. 8^) i may see if i can make link buttons for it today...

ken's coming home today! yea!


the red bird hast returned for the month.
that explains the back pain earlier in the week.

i hate the first day. the days afterward are a breeze compared.

i feel drained and weak.
and the pain, it's the worst the first day.
in high school sometimes, it would be me so sick, i'd puke.
dad would take me home and i'd cry myself to sleep.
i'll need to take a few meds later. so far, though the only pain that i have had that has bugged me was in my back.

they decided that i would be the one to print the new i.d. badges at work.
last week, jeremy brought the i.d. badge printer up from texarkana.
so now we can't print. it's always given us some trouble.
it just got sent off via airbourne to get serviced.
can't wait til it break beyond repair so they can get a newer model...

the deadline is looming! gotta get those newspaper ads for the store done to run on the 1st!
the direction the design is going in has been aproved. now, i need the info that goes in the ad.
i doubt they want it to run with an ipsem lorum text.

still can't wait until i this thing looking the way it should...
red! 8^)

i may do it like a skin you can choose...
a blue one for ferdinand, duh!
gray and black for odile
then the red one for amelia.
yeah...not bad. i can see that.
well, i finally went and checked out the national psorasis foundation website.
my boyfriend urged me to. he had heard of some new treatments. one is being tested by the FDA right now.
this maybe what i am needing.
i'll go see a dermatologist when my insurance kicks in.

he isn't bothered that i have the skin diasese, only that it bothers me.
there has been many times he has cheered me up after i was feeling down after a flare up.
he's so sweet. 8^)

i've been doing sketches for the blog's design. i have ken help me with that. he knows html and java.
i'll show him the blogger tags. after working with the keenspace tags, i should be able to figure it out. with a little help. 8^)
i've drawn a nice sketch of amelia getting out of the shower.
it's going to be so cool!

i'm thinking red would be a good color...yes. the more i think of it, the more i like it. a vibrant, rich cool red.


after work yesterday, i swallowed some pride and went to kinko's armed with my comic strip, a cd-r and a little bit of cash.

i'v e had bad experiences with kinko's in the past. most of the graphic design students have. i'm pretty sure, i've gone in there with many a bad attitude before, "if it's not the way i want it, i won't pay," attitude the day before the project was due. also, working for the competition for awhile didn't help.

however, there are some nice people there. like tracy's jeff and there's misty. 8^) they are cool.

i guess the typical kinko's way of doing things just don't cut it for designers. i've been trying to be nicer each time i go in since my experience working behind a photocopier.
another reason we designers can be so picky is that we can see it a certain way, but do not have access (usually) to the cool things they have behind the counter. we must tell them what to do and hope they get it right.
also, this kinko's close at 11 p.m. i understand that jonesboro it a bit small, it is the first one i've heard of that doesn't stay open 24/7. r
eally annoying when your project is due at 8 a.m. and it's midnight and they're closed.

i have heard so many horror stories about renting a computer there, fonts that didn't match, printers out of ink, but i felt that i had no other option.
i starting to scan.
wait! they didn't have a cd-rw drive! no!!!
one of the employees, clint i think, made the suggestion of saving it to one of their zip disks and then taking it to their computer behind the counter (where all the goodies are) to burn it onto my cd-r.
oh, thank you!
i made it out of there for only $1.71, for just 8 minutes of computer time. woo hoo!
by 9:15 or 9:30 i had my comic online and i was back at home. yea me!

my love called me! i'm glad he made it there safe. 8^) i can't wait to see him this weekend.

about time for bed and my lower back is hurting. hhmmm. how odd.
what did i do? i really don't know. it still bugs me a little today. i must took some motrin.
it's lower back, near kidneys i think. it's not a sharp pain either. more dull. doesn't throb, it's just there.
feels more tired and over used than anything else.
i hope it gets better.

tonight i move my computer! yea!

it's almost lunchtime. *hungry*


computer troubles abound.

last night my scanner died. i knew it was coming for awhile. the bulb had been glowing red instead of white. this altered my color scans but left the black & white ones alone. it served my purposes for my webcomic since it was black & white anyway.
the bulb must've have finally given up last night.

"no prob," i thought, "i'll just use the old one that ken gave me."
he got a new, slim one to go in his backpack when he carries his laptop around. since i would eventually need to scan in color i got hs old one. i wasn't planning on hooking it up to my computer til after the move, but, oh well. i start to hook things up.

unfortunately, he give me the wrong cable for it. i can't use it just now. and my scanner won't work. my comic is now really late.

ken left for a business trip early this morning. he won't be back until friday.
this mean two things:
1.) i'll miss him more because he's further away 8^( and
2.) i won't get the cable 'til friday.
unless i find some other way to scan, no comic until saturday. i'm still searching...
i hope he has a safe trip.

at work this morning, i get a call from jeremy, i.t. dude.
when working on my computer, he backed some of my files up on his laptop. just in case, say, he had to re-install windows.
well amoung those files he saved on his computer, he founds oodles of viruses. lovely.
these supposedly mimic mp3's and populate file-sharing software.
odd, but i don't have either mp3's or file-sharing software of any kind on my work computer.

we do a virus scan, and my computer is clean. it didn't find a one.
it's a bit of a relief, but i still worry.
my anit-virus at home is flaky. i've never once been able to access live-update. so when i get paid, off to buy anti-virus software i go!

and with this paycheck i have to pay my first months' rent and that speeding ticket i got on the 16th. (81 in a 65 mph zone.)
i think things are gonna be slim pickings this paycheck.

i spent last night at dad's. i may be back there again tonight if i can find a scanner...
jt may know of one.


oy! the more work i do, the more they give me.
this is good in the way that i won't be bored. i just need to work on deadline scheduling.

i have so much i want to do today:
+ mail that package off to mom
+ do yoga with jo
+ my comic (must do! i didn't get one out last week!)
+ move more stuff to jo's
= dresser
= hope chest
= computer and computer cart
= books, books and more books (guess who reads a lot!)
+ get some essentials for the new room
+ cash that check from my bro

that is all i can think of for now...

c's wedding went smoothly on saturday. i'm glad it did. the last thing she would've needed was a major outburst.
and it was nice to see my love in a tux. he may not like, but he can at least pull it off with style. 8^)
plus, i think that was only the second time he's seen me gussied up like that.

the first was the choir dress i had to wear for the ASU ladies choir. it reminded me of a bridesmaid dress, it only has one function and outside of that function, you have no other use for it.
i think he liked this dress better though. can we say, "lots o' cleveage!"

most times i don't like showing it off. so i felt a little exposed in it.
i have too much to begin with. but for him, though, i'll show it off. he enjoys that so much.
he give me quite a nice compliments about the dress, though.

most bridesmaid dresses are icky. c was gracious enough in her consideration of dresses to pick one that was actually kinda nice.
hilary even commented on this.
ken thought that i, out of all the bridesmaids, carried the dress off better. like it was made for my frame. 8^)
he is so sweet. i'm keeping him. even if he didn't tell me that.

ok, back to work.

which "monty python and the holy grail" character are you?

this quiz was made by colleen

my only concession to "which character thingy are you" quizes.
i love monty python, but i didn't think i'd turn out to be this one though...


i really want to be gone from work today.

my love is back from chi-town and i want to see him, find out what all he did, etc.
i wishi had him all to myself this weekend, but tonight and tomorrow i must share.
caroline and doug are getting married tomorrow and my love and i are both in the wedding party.
that means rehearsal tonight. i just hope the dinner afterwards is good.

i move offically into jo's on monday, even though i am still moving boxes and stuff.
i need to stay the night there on sunday and saturday to look after jo's cat, annie.
my feed her and clean her box, etc.
that shouldn't be a problem.

i moved a buttload of stuff there last night. two boxes of paperbacks, one box full of my art books, my comic books, a huge chunk of clothes, sheets, art for my wall and my portfolio.
mr. kelly and ms. elizabeth liked the wall treatment. 8^) that is a good sign.

and i've got a comic to finish!

it's raining outside and i'm sleepy and hungry. i want lunch! i may go back to hong kong (read: chinese resturant, not the city) for more gzoya dumplings.
or maybe mexican...
el acapulco has really good chesse dip! 8^)P now i see the time. no wonder i am hungry. it's 6 minutes till noon.

i'll see if jeremy and ken (again, not that ken,) want to eat out...


i just got wind of the prices for those paintings.
in the thousand range. 8^(

i don't think i'll be getting one anytime soon.
unless i find a way to get one for my birthday or christmas...

i still think they are cool paintings.
i went to miz kitty's blog (she's another "kitty" i think it's so cool! good designer, too! ) and saw the cutest thing...

there was a picture of a painting she wanted and a link to the artist's site. i checked it out and fell in love with his work.

BAM or Bruce Andrew McKay does these wonderful BigCatHead series of paintings. definately pop art fun.

i'm siding with you, kitty. i want one, too!
only i want "hello" 36 x 24.
it has a goldfish bowl on a table/dresser (?) with a cat looking at it. one of it's eye's is maginfied in the bowl.
too cute!

of course, the simplified art work, with heavy black lines around everything like cartoons doesn't hurt when it comes to me liking it. i am a cartoonist, after all.

BAM has a really good grasp of colors and humor, as the paintings "bored" 48 x 36 and "smile" 36 x 48, show.
i think the sense of humor in the works is what really make it. it gives it a life that i think it would not have had otherwise.
the patterns and shapes in the backgrounds, such as in "the poseur" 48 x 60 and "prrrrrrrrr" 36 x 36, are really a nice touch.

he also does other subjects. my favorite of these, "hockey fight in canada" 72 x 36, shows hockey players waiting to get on the ice, while one turns to look behind him to find the crowd in intense battle. i find this an amusing turn of events, but it is probably normal for hockey. i can't vouch for that since i have only seen a few games on tv, but still it made me laugh.

all of his works shown on his web site are acrylic on canvas.

did i mention that i want one of his paintings?
i hope i can afford one!
still trying to fix my comments box...

it's not working! *wah!*


my comments thing won't fix!
i'm still trying to get this thing just right...
this is why i want to learn html.
i wonder if i can get my comments box fixed and get these black lines to go away...
and yet, another change in design.
man, i gotta learn html.
this little snipnet of converstaion at the king and i comes to mind...

Jeremy: (finished with his spicy meal) and i'm spent!
All: (laughs)
Jo: should we leave you and the thai food alone?
Jeremy: naw, i've got it's number.
All: (laughs)
Ken: and he'll respect it in the morning.
All: (laughs)

i forget if i said anything witty. ah, it's just as well.
i promised jeremy thai food and boy, did he ever get it.
the king and i thai resturant is a "little oasis in the desert" meaning the jonesboro area.

of course, since he ate lots of spicy food in austin, he gets something pretty spicy. on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being "your brain is instantly cooked in it's own juices," he orders a 6.
ken(again, not that ken.) and i play it safe, he gets about a 2 to 4. i get a one.
yes, i'm a weinie. but aleast i'd like to know what they call "mild" before i adjust the heat, thank you.

it has been a few months since jeremy had spicy food and his tolerance for the heat is down.
ken and i laugh as he sweats and drinks glass after glass of dr pepper.

and though it all, jeremy is loving it. he is sweating so much he can smooth his hair down (mind you he has it in a buzz cut, but still...)

i bumped into jo while we were there. i swear sometimes you can't go anywhere 8^)P

i come back to the office a very full kitty. 8^)
and with a take out menu so i can plan further meals there.

lunch was 30 minutes longer than it should have been.
and i am planning on staying late so i can come in friday at 8am instead of 7.
guess i'm here till 6pm.
more time to blog in between projects.

hmmm. i can hear john's and denise's raised voice in the office across the hall. i hate arguements. at least they aren't shouting yet. not good.
i'll concentrate on the project at hand. if i can only get these pictures off the digital camera! grrr! it worked yesterday.
now you can tell me what you think.
just click to give me a penny for your thoughts.
i just found a new webcomic!

green eyes
again, morning has arrived.
i wanted to sleep more.

at least i got the stuff for the Nice done.
now i need to concentrate on this week's comic and my submission for the
keenspace 'zine.

after that is done, i'll move more stuff to my new room.
i just wonder where i am going to put all those books! i wonder if i can commission
a good, sturdy bookcase from someone?


the room is done!
the more i look at it the better i like it.
i can't wait to show it to ken. 8^)

thanks for helping, jo!
i'm bored!
i can't do much to experiment with learning about the i.d. badge
printing due to some hardware and driver issues!

bored bored bored bored bored...............

i'll need to stop home tonight and change before i go paint my new room.
jo wants me over there either after work or at 7.
i need to e-mail her about that.
turns out i had the fortune in my pocket the entire time!

"Your good deeds are never forgotten."

In bed.
that was good food! i loves me some chinese grub! 8^)
i promised jeremy that we could do lunch at the king and i, the new thai resturant, tomorrow.

i just wish i could remember what my fortune cookie said...i forgot to bring it back to the office. it was funny.
especially when you added "in bed." to the end of it.
i wonder what my love is upto right now...
he would have liked it. 8^)P

it was cool listening to jeremy and his fellow geek, ken (no, not that ken...this is a different one,) do their geek thing,
talk about movies we thought'd be cool and such and receiting lines from, Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
i felt like i was accepted into the geek fold.
it was quite spiffy. in fact jeremy said he was gonig to inlist me into I.T. for finding and downloading a driver
to the i.d. card printer all on my own. i think i'm a little underqualified for that, but i do know more than some
of the folks here at the jonesboro branch...

we did, of course, complain of the backwardness of my homestate, and how bad the internet connections are here, on our way back to the office.
and it seems when showing the company heads prices for T1 connections and what they have (dinky 56k LAN lines) they say,
"well what we got is cheaper and i don't see why we have to change. the employees don't need to be on the internet anyway..." all they look at is $$$.
*sigh* backwards thinking is not good. the "if it's not broke, don't fix it," philosophy doesn't work when applied to computer and internet technology.

A mØØsÉ once bit my sister...
i am now craving chinese food after thinking of a fortune cookie i got either last week or the week before.
it read: "You are almost there."
what kind of fortune is that?
it's like they stopped trying anymore.

chicken lo mein and fried gzoya dumplings sounds really, really yummy!
around 7:30 or so last night, i started feeling icky.
and my legs were hurting some. i guess all that painting on sunday was catching up to me.

i tried drawing my comic. i have the pencils half completed.
i'll try to finish it tomorrow night. i have to paint more tonight.

jeremy from the texarkana branch is here at work to help us with our computer problems and such.
he helped to set up the i.d. tag stuff that i will now be operating.

my love called last night! of course i was already alseep.
see, i double my cell as an alarm clock.
when it rang i thought the alarm was going off! but why did it sound different than normal?
and then i heard him say, "hello?"
i'm afraid i was much to tired to say anything of brillance to him. but it was so nice to hear his voice... 8^)
i'm glad he got some good ma po tofu, (or however you spell it.) i just wish i had some giordano's pizza!

now back to work! they have downloaded a new driver for my monitor and i must reboot!


hmmm, new blog skin. i think i'll try it on for size...
well, i'm designing logos for The Nice's 'zine. it will be published in time for the San Diego Comic-Con.
now i just need to figure out what i'm contributing. maybe i'll do a small ad for Blue Canary. that might work.

i got the second page for the keenspace book, being published in time for the same con.
woo hoo!
now i just got to draw everything for the june 1st deadline.

and i have a comic to draw tonight!
when jo asked if i wanted to come over tomorrow to finish painting my new room instead of tonight, i didn't mind a bit.
she needs the rest and i need a comic strip, fast.
i wonder if i can do a quickie joke...i'll see if i can think of one...
this is still being designed.
my life however goes on.
i need to come up with my own template, but until then i'll have to find one to my liking.
i got a blog i'll keep.
jo would be so proud.