big bang!
for those you, i.e. supervillians, madmen, etc., who have always wanted to destroy the earth, then this link is for you!

can't say i'm not helpful! 6^)P


around 8 or so this morning, i heard a pop and thud from upstairs at work. the building shook a bit.
"what are those idiots doing up there?" i thought.
then, when the shaking went on longer than it should, i wondered...was it an earthquake?

the only one i've been through i didn't even feel. back in high school, there was an mini-earthquake during our school plays. our auditorium doubled as our cafeteria. i was a member of the cast and too focused on the show. mom was in the audience and told me later that she heard silverware rattling in the back.

the radio is saying it's a 4.2 on the richter scale with an epicenter somewhere 16 miles north-northwest of Osceola.
calls into the radio station report broken windows in Monette and pictures off the wall around Hwy. 351.
all i felt here was a gentle shake.
i wonder if this is it for awhile or if it's a precursor the big one they've been predicting for this area as long as i can remember...


well, the procedure was this morning. mom came along for moral support and because i can't drive for 24 hours after. i won't talk about the purge i had to do during the weekened except to say that:
A. it ain't fun! liquid diets suck. but i didn't complain too much about that because...
B. that liquid laxative was right up there with the potassium chloride as some the nastiest tasting gunk ever. plus, it made me sick to my stomach, so i didn't miss food, liquid or solid.

the procedure went smoothly. i got there early, filled out the paperwork (even though i felt sick to my stomach and not because i was nervous.) they had to stick in another i.v. 8^P
the poor nurse had difficulty finding a vein, since mine hide and roll whenever i'm stuck with a needle. she was appolgetic about it and got another nurse who had more luck. that one got it on the first try. both the nurses were very sweet.

after a little bit, they wheeled me to the room and hooked me up with electrodes. the doctor introduced himself and then the nurses administered the knock-out juice. *thank God for that! this was the last thing i wanted to remember...*
next thing i knew, i was back in that little room with mom. i was out of it. wobbly, dizzy-it's probably the closest i've ever been to being druck. ken called while i was trying to wake up. i can't remember what i said to him, only that i talked to him. lol
perhaps it will give him something to laugh about. 8^)

the doctor's verdict? everything looks good-just eat more fiber. *whew* i'm glad it wasn't more serious!
they released me soon after and i went home and crashed.

about noon, ken called to see how i was. by then i was more bright-eyed and could speak coherently. it was comforting to talk with him. after he had to go to class, mom went and got me some real food-yeah, a burger. lol
she also got me some of that good prepridge farm cinnamon raison bread. nummy!

i'm just going to take it easy today and rest. tomorrow, i'm back at work.
in other news-the modem is out on my regular computer. ken let me hook up his vaio to the internet in the meantime.
jo is swiftly working on the coding for my blog's redesign. she's doing a fabulous job on it. thanks, jo!