prayer request
i could use some prayers for my mother...she having transient ischemic attacks due to high blood pressure/cholesterol. she hadn't been taking her blood pressure meds due to the costs. she currently has about 7 drugs she is prescribed so it ads up quick with bills and insurance costs. she's also stressed since her work didn't take federal taxes out of her paychecks this year and stress causes more T.I.A.s. it's her birthday on monday, so my brother and i are giving her money this year to help her out financially and i'm getting her cake, the last one before she goes on a low cholestrol diet.

in the good news, i finally got a hold of jonathan stanley, fellow former herald cartoonist. he's trying to start up a webcomic. i'll be meeting with him on sunday morning to see what his fledgling strip looks like.


i've been redesigning my blue canary site over the past two weeks! it's coming along nicely. jo's going to help me with designing a blog for it. i'm terrible at getting the blogger tags correct. i made some illustrator portraits of the main character and of me. they turned out great, but i don't think i'll be switching to an illustrator comic like scary-do-round.

ken's been taking 4 day weekends to use up the last of his vacation time. if he didn't, he's lose it at the end of the month.

i'm redesigning the job application at work. so far, it's looking good.
now, i just need some progress on the create!from projects...they go so slow and when i ask steve whether it needs any changes, i never hear from him. with that new computer system, it will not be a smooth transistion and i'm only trying to make sure there are no flaws on my end. but even when i asked for the monster invoice, i first got told that he'd do it and then he didn't. >8^(
heck, i even asked for other projects to work on he hasn't responded.
i'm just gonna work. nothing else i can do and if it all goes wonky, i will have washed my hands of it long ago. i have a feeling that i'd still get the blame, though. 9.9
otherwise, work is going well.

yeah! jo still blogs, even at grad school. 8^) hi jo!


Which HP Kid Are You?

which is appropreiate since my nose is always in a book. and i liked history in high school and college. 8^)