sick, flats & reading
sick. i hate being sick.
but that was yesterday, around mid-morning to afternoon.
so i left work early so i could be sick at home.
what happens?

i'm driving along-all i care about is getting home.
i don't see anything on the road, but i run over something that sounds like some gravel scattered on the road...except i keep hearing one rock hit the same place on my rear left side. it stops after a few seconds, so i continue on, but slowly.
i don't live far from work, thank God.
i'm almost home when i hear another noise, this one i've never heard before, but i've got a good idea what it means: my rear left tire is flat.
great. well, only 2 stoplights until i'm home and no way was i going to be sick, on the side of the road with a flat tire, when i could be at home, sick, with a flat tire.
the sound got worse.
luckily, i get home. i was right, the tire was flat, but not as bad as i'd pictured (imagine a tire falling off the rim type of bad. that is what i thought was happening as the sound got worse.)
i called dad and he came and took my tire to be fixed and brought me some medicine. 8^)
later i called mom on advice on what to eat (and what you can eat,) when you're sick. dad's well-meaning, but somethings he doesn't have the same experience with as mom does.

i'm much better this morning. *knocks on wood*
i went back to work this morning.

i did feel better by yesterday evening when ken called, so i finished reading Reaper Man to him. 8^)

i also spoke with jo! she and kellie are giving me a ticket to go see phantom for christmas! it'll be down in n'awlins where kellie is. jo and i will prolly drive down there and we'll have a good ol' time. i'm looking forward to it. 8^)

back to work.


reading aloud
last weekend, i started to read Reaper Man by Terry Pratchett to my boyfriend.
we were on our way to lake nofork and i needed something to do besides keep an eye on the gps. this weekend i resumed the reading. we're almost done. 8^)

he's enjoying the story so far. he stayed at my apartment until 10 last night as i read to him. he drew a mech a he listened.

i just wish my throat wouldn't get so scratchy as i read out loud!
i'm glad i had plenty of water and throat drops around.


ladies and gentlemen, it's time for....

a fortune cookie moment!

"As the purse is emptied
the heart is filled.
Lucky Numbers 5,9, 10, 16, 24, 30"


My Threadless.com Submission

another submission to threadless.com.


My Threadless.com Submission

My Threadless.com Submission

i've entered 2 shirts into the competetion at threadless.com. what do you think?


another fortune cookie moment
"There is a true and sincere friendship between you both.
Lucky Numbers 3, 8, 14, 22, 31, 34, 42"


and now the happy stuff...
i enjoyed my trip with ken this weekend.
8^) it was so nice to finally get out of jonesboro for awhile!

we didn't spend as much time at the con as i woulda hope or as much as last time, but we had a great time regardless.
i got to met terry moore from Strangers in Paradise. i even got a sketchfrom him and got him to look over our art (ken's and mine.)!
he drew a cute sketch of Lizzie for Ken. it's perfect!
if you have no clue about Lizzie, go check out his Paradise, Too! books and start laughing.
Terry thought that there was hope for ken and i in comics, should that be the path we take.
for me i say it is.
Ken wants to go in video games and 3-D art as well as comics. 8^) we'll see which way he goes. he may find a way to do all of them. lol

i even got to met corey from LSR and B.J. and Joey from Jackie's Fridge and Tonja Steele. all in artist's alley. 8^) even got a jackie and fridge sketch from B.J.! it was great to see fellow webtoonists there. so, of course, i bought some of their wares, to help 'em out and all. that and i really wanted the stuff.

ken and i went by an art store and got lots of supplies-sketchbooks brush pens, etc.
and we bought a few more brush pens at the con: copic brush pens!
copic pens are used by manga pros.
i'm going to experiment and see how i like them, and maybe switch from the micron pigmas (maybe.)

i got some critiques on my work. (i need to work on my inking more.) so i'll be focusing some on that.
i also saw that the minneapolis college of art and design had a booth. and their masters in visual arts covers comic art! 8^D
happy me! now to do research. i may not be able to do the grad school thing for a long time yet.

we found a cool japanese/oriental grocery store! i think it might be some national chain in huge metro areas, it had that look to it.
huge store.
i enjoyed it! i felt a little self-conscious at first, since ken and i were the only caucasians in there for a bit, but relaxed when i saw a few more of them.
i got some stuff to doctor up my ramen with and new chopsticks and soup bases for udon noodles. i wish i could read the directions on the soup base, though. lol
i even got some more pocky! (almond crush, coconut and chocolate mousse! yum!)
ken found packets of mao pu tofu sauce. he got 6 packets. o.0 the boy loves his tofu. 8^)
they even had a little food court with oriental cuisine.
it's offical: i love shrimp tempura udon. yummy! i wish i had some for lunch today.
it was so funny to see the looks on the food court worker's faces when ken orders the mao pu tofu. lol
they can't believe that someone who isn't asian would order it!
after it was over, that afternoon, i wished i could've gone back the next day.

sadly, though, we discovers that his favorite chinese place, Ming's, which made the best mao pu tofu, closed. it's now sizzle india. 8^(
but giordano's was still open. best pizza in chi-town. forget pizzeria uno or gino's east!
plus, it wasn't a trip to chicago without greasy but good gyros, portillo's italian beef sandwiches, or some fresh bagels for breakfast in the mornings. yum!
i think i have the most fun on trips finding places to eat.

it was a long drive home last night and i was glad to get home and get a little sleep before work this morning.
i could still use a little sleep, though.
i'm glad took Ken took an extra day off. i get to see him a little this evening. 8^)
sleepy, but i still want a bowl of tempura udon!
about to burst
i never know why i can't cry until the dam just breaks.
things aren't all bad...i had a good time at wizard world chicago (more on that later,) but this mess with my parents and my older brother, carter, is just not helping me at all.
it make me just as upset as a couple of years ago, when mom and dad, after 18 or so years of divorce, finally start acting like a newly divorced couple and fight over that old house in Weiner.
and they are still sore at each other because of that... 9.9

carter got a job where i work on the night crew.
one of his fellow employees chaving creams his truck. several nights later that same employee makes a prank call on carter at work. if there are other incidents, i do not know of them.
carter's never been the thick skinned type. he takes stuff like this personally. i know what that's like. i still have trouble with some people figuring out whether they are serious or kidding. people always seem to think that i'm so serious, and that when i do play around, they don't realize i'm joking.
carter has it worse, part of him still has growing up to do.
oh, he has me beat at being responsible, saving money, paying bills on time and not getting a checking account overdrawn,
but where are friends? i don't think he has any, which is sad.
i don't think he makes friends easily or well. always telling jokes so he will be liked.
it is like he is trying to hard to make friends, which we all know if what drives most of them away.

this morning, carter came in and turn in his i.d. badge.
he officially is out of work once more.
he could do so well in a white collar job, but thinks he can't do the school work. that's bull, i say. he's smart enough, regardless of where he went to school or the gaps that mioght be in his education. i mean, look at me. i went to the same school, graduated and went to college. i have a B.F.A. now. and i'm lousy at math (mind, most art majors don't require much math, but still...) i took remedial courses to catch up. i took intermediate algebra at least 3 times before i passed it.
if i can do it, so can he.
but he never thinks he can...

another thing is that he doesn't really know what he wants to do, at least, that's what i always get from him.
you ask, what do you really want to do in life and you'll get an "i don't know," and a shrug.
i don't want my brother to go through life like this and discover at 70 want he wants to do only to find that he is now too old to persue it.

i don't think dad is helping the situation much, but what can anyone do?
i think he keeps carter form developing in a worldly sense. i don't think it's intentional, though.
i'm afraid for my brother. i know something isn't quite right with him. he's not nuts, far from it, but he doesn't quite fit in...
and his taking things way too serious, i'm afraid one day he will snap.
what sill he do?
maybe just rant and rave.
maybe he'll hit someone.
maybe something worse.
or maybe he'll do nothing at all.

my brother needs to develop a thick skin and go see the world.
just telling someone to "get a life," is one thing, but doing it is quite another.
i'm worried...very worried.
i can tell him what i think, but whether he'll take my advice and do it, is quite another. i can't force him to do anything, and i wouldn't want to.

he saw that fedex was hiring part-time.
all i hope is that things stablize out, that he will get a good job.

at least typing it out here makes me feel marginally better. but only just.


bumper sticker spotlight
seen yesterday on a car's truck:

"The Axis of Evil:
Bush, Cheney and Ashcroft."

yeah, buddy!


moving right along...
today is the third night i've spent in my new apartment.
my roommates, jo and becca, are moving to lawarence, ks on friday.

it's not a bad place, really. rent is reasonable for it's size. i just hope the utlities are reasonable, too!
gotta get ahold of my landlord and get the central unit looked at. good thing there is a window unit a/c in my bedroom, otherwise i'd be suffering in the heat! except for today, of course. today it's cloudy and raining.
also, i got to tell him that we found some wasps. we killed them, but i think he should know. i won't mind them so much, except my mom and brother are allergic to their stings and there is a chance that i am, too.

i'm still moving my stuff.
mom gave me her old washer, but when dad hooked it up, the agitator didn't work. 8^(
maybe it can be fixed.
if not, anyone local to me who wants to sell a washer in good working condition for cheap? anybody?
i'll be at dad's tonight doing laundry.

i have a couch. i got it for free. you can't beat that! thanks again, sandy!
it's not a pretty color, though, so jo is making me some slipcovers.
they'll be beautiful when they're done.
but since she's moving, too, i might not get them for awhile.

i showed doug & c my new place on sunday.
they brought me a nice housewarming gift, an oven mitt (always useful,) and a george foreman grill.
however, i already had a george, so i'll be taking it back to the store soon.
it wash rather thoughtful of them, though. and much appreciated.
they even gave me some bread and sandwich meat and some granola bars.
plus, jo and i cleared out eh pantry at the house, so i have things to eat. and if i run out, i can always visit dad and eat over there.

i'm going to be straped for cash this month...
i bounced some checks earlier because stupid me forgot to log one in her checkbook, so that didn't help things.
i had planned on put my christmas club check rignt back into the bank in my regular savings, but if things keep going as they are, i may have to use it to buy gifts for people this year. funny that it might be used for what chirstmas club money it normally thought of being used for...

what do i have to pay this month?
-pay jo for the microwave and dryer
-make a car payment
-make a college loan payment
-hook-up my phone
oy! i'll be broke as soon i cash my check tomorrow. where does it go?
and the paycheck after this one, i'll be paying rent for september. it never ends. i suppose it's best that i learn this now rather that later.

i'm learning that a.) moving is real expensive, especially when you have to buy things like trash cans, towel and dishes for the first time and b.) moving and apartment hunting rate right up there with job hunting and filling out job applications among the things in the world that i hate doing the most. 9.9


a random moment
on a lighter note today, my co-worker, jason, handed me a bottle he got last night.
apparently, they print little random facts in snapple bottle tops.

"real fact #84
Oysters can change from one gender to another and back again."

no comment.
oh, man
i was fighting with the snooze button on my alarm clock this morning when the phone rang.
it was my boyfriend, ken. he hardly ever calls in the morning, since he is at work before i wake up.
"why was he calling?" i wondered.

i found out soon enough.
one of his co-workers was killed last night in a horrible car accident. he sounded really upset and i bet he was not the only one. many of his co-workers must be really broken up about this.
all prayers for the family, boyfriend and friends of the girl killed and for the Information Systems dept. at American Greetings in osceola would be appreicated.

i don't know her exact age, but it was too young to die. it's a shock, really, when you hear of someone who died. while i never met her, ken would relate tales of her pratical joke playing at work, so i feel like i knew her in a way. AG be a quieter place without her. 8^(

it makes you think when someone that young, who is or could be your age, dies like that. it could've been you or me in that crash. who knows.?

i didn't realize until after i got back to work from my lunch that the glass and debris i saw on the road was from her crash. *shivers* it's just not right. i tell myself that it should've been anyone else but her, but a voice says, "and who, then, should it be?" i have no right or place to wish her fate on anyone, not even the worst of people, but still i say, it should not have been her, especially when i think of her family and friends who will miss her.

it different from the deaths of my grandparents, those i expected when they started getting sick and their health declining. you could see it in their eyes, at least in papa's, when they had given up on life. it was like a release for them when the end came and we were grateful that their suffering was over. but it's always a shock when it's someone whose life was still being played out.

God, be merciful and lend her grace.


Arkansas Act 858.
one word. creepy.
of course it's only typical of the ultra conservative gov. huckabee and of the bible belt region that my home state is in.
what's this law do?
from my research, this law will require all books that could be of a questionable nature have the lower 2/3 of this covers, covered. while i hate smut as much as anyone, the law is way too broad and will hurt literary works and comics. can you image? someone will say disney comics are harmful because some characters wear no pants. if spider-man wraps a badie in webs, then that's bondage and reflective of s & m. and what about the the scenes in literature? sex, murder? it's all in there. will books like Of Mice & Men be moved to an "Adults Only" section?
to see such things in innocent stuff? it's those who would censor everything who have the filthy minds!
all AR residents! contact your libraries and express concern! contact your state senators and representatives!
i know i am!
for more info, check out these links:
CBLDF Files Suit Against New Arkansas Law
An open leter to the Arkansas House of Representatives by Little Rock comic shop owner, Michael Tierney
the arkansas library association-arkansas censorship law challenged by broad coalition
ACLU of Arkansas and Broad Coalition Challenge State’s ‘Harmful to Minors’ Law


i would list all that i've done since my last post, but that would take too long.

i finally have this site's design finished. jo is gracious enough to do the coding for me. thanks, jo-chan!
hopefully, she'll be able to help with my comic's site design, too.

i haven't been updating blue canary. no excuse for it, i know, but i haven't forgotten my comic either.
i'm in the process for apartment hunting. jo and becca will be moving out in august. their parents will be selling the place i'm at now.
so, looking for a place to call my own is eating up my time.
i haven't even been reading webcomics...i don't think i've seen sluggy since fat tuesday.
don't tell me what happens, tho! i'll read it sometime.
i've been binging on actual books, instead.

my birthday's tomorrow. i'll be 26.
strange, but all this year, i've considered myself 26 , not 25...
it's like i skipped 25 altogether and will just have two years of being 26. *shrugs*

perhaps if i get a break this week i can draw, but who knows what will happen.
i know i am getting tired of just not updating.
i had a strange dream a month or so ago.
in it, my comic was to be animated. good, right?
well, i turn on the tv and they made it live action. um, ok.
and then they totally cut out the parts of amelia and odile, two of my favorite characters!
no ferdinand, either. it might as well been retitled, the "max and miles show."
then, they started changing the character's personalities and that is when i woke up seriously p.o.ed.
i stayed mad throughout the rest of that day. weird.
but it got me thinking that no one else is going to tell this story with these characters. they're vision may be totally different from what i see. that only i can do this and if i'm not doing that, then i'm letting the characters die.
it was like my subconious was saying, "enough! get off your lazy but and update your comic, already!"
i usually have a bad habit of picking up an interest in something and then dropping it just as quickly as i picked it up.
guitar lessons, for example. i still can't play my guitar. however, i didn't drop my comic as quick as others...
am i quitting? not on your life.
i have a story to tell and i owe it to the cast of the comic to tell it.
now i just need to work on my procrastination and discipline problems...
the perfect way to do so is for me to just start working on my comic. to put all thoughts of everything else aside. to not nag myself about how i went on so long with out updating...to just start working again. sometimes the best way to learn and figure out your problems is to do.
but tonight i need to sleep.
bah. maybe i should give up sleep instead.


i'm wondering if my not being able to publish any updates to my blog had something to do with an incorrect password.
i'll try a new one and see. i did try one earlier and got the dreaded error 503. yuk!


and since we've no place to go...

white flakes fall outside and still continue. i don't think it's stopped at all this morning. i awoke to a white landscape this morning. a peaceful view out the big kitchen window as i put my shoes on and packed a lunch for work. my first thought was of the grin that must be on ken's face. he may have trouble with system's crashing and way too many calls for him to come fix someone's computer, but that snow would somehow bleach all the negatives out of today.

jo got into grad school. got her letter of acceptance the same day her dad got his for a school of theology. 8^) on the 23rd, i'm heading to ft. smith to a information session on scad, to see if a mfa in sequential art is something i can attain. i won't be starting right away. i'm thinking of another year of two from now.

i'm keeping track of the advertising bills at work now. at first i wasn't so sure, but as the first bills trickle in and i look at the spreadsheet with it's list of what these bill should be costing us, i find that i enjoy it. it's something else for me to do. and i felt good today. i spotted an error correctly! 8^) it makes me feel intelligent, especially since math and numbers usually do not.
i also got the ads due today taken care off, early! yay me!

i'm wondering if blogger has fixed their updating stuff. i still can't see them when i load this page at home, but i daren't try it at work! i also want to see the update of ken's comic. it wouldn't show at home. i guess keen_ was goofing again. i'll try it again when i get home.

now i have some buydown signs to make. at least i will not be bored. perhaps it is a good thing that i don't have a window in my office. i'd be too intranced by the snow to work. 8^)


& now...
a fortune cookie moment.

"The secret of getting ahead
is getting started.
Lucky Numbers 11, 16, 30, 44, 45, 46"

i need to remember this one. especially since i'm trying to beat a procrastination habit.



the 17" monitor ken got me for christmas works great! thanks, love!

a few days ago, ken and i were wandering around wastings (our local hasting's store in case you're curious,) when we spotted a bargan bin for software. what did we find? dreamweaver 4 for $25. 0.o weee!

now, i am working on redesign the site for blue canary.
behold! the new blue canary logo!