ken's got some new art up on his website. some of his best stuff yet. 8^)
strange dreams
i woke up an hour before i was supposed to this morning. i rolled back over, went to sleep and had a odd dream...

at first, it was like i was watching a documentary. these people would take things (i don't know or remember what they are) through a gate. i think the gate was like an entrace to a city or something...
the people were sitting in the bed of an old, old pickup, and holding objects up. the best way to describe it was like hunks of cow meat (like sides of beef, but it wasn't recognizable as meat.) or large pieces of pink insulation. i got the impression that you could eat the objects they carried.
the people were all women. though the truck was an old style body, it was red and shiny, like new.
the things they'd take through would expand in size as it went through the gate...the people were dressed for 1940's factory work, dusty coveralls...boots, hair up in nets or caps.
one in particular was a blonde girl with a short hair cut, flapper style.

flash forward. the stuff in the gate was some sort of radiation and an old woman was the blonde girl. don't ask me how i knew that, i just did.
she had just been through the gate again, this time in the car with the rest of the family. it was like she was my grandmother, but she looked nothing like either of my grandmothers. though frail with age, she was tall. she walked in the house and sat heavily in the first chair she could find...she was exhausted and was thinking that going through the gate did it.
i remember at this part of the dream she actually did become my grandmother...

next thing i know, i'm in a house i don't recognize, but i know it belongs to family. i can't remember who was with me but i want to say it was dad and carter. dad was watching the news and told me to come look at outside.
the sky was dark, like an impending storm, full of gray clouds, but one was radically different. it grew up, into the sky, becoming a mushroom cloud. apparently the news was about nuclear missile strikes.
i remember becoming panicked. first thing i thought or said was, "i gotta call granny." i grabbed the phone, i don't remember if i dialed or not, but i was thinking of who else i should call before the shockwave and e.m.p. hit...ken, of course, instantly sprang to mind. i also thought i should call mom and let her know.

and around there i woke up. weird, huh?
i remember thinking that it was odd that i wanted to call granny, for both of my grandmothers had been deceased for some time now. i can't, however, recall if i thought that in the dream or if i came to that realization upon waking.
it makes me wonder.


grover sent a few pages on the blue canary story he's been working on. he's helping me finish the current storyline.
of course, this is just a first draft, so things do need changing, but i'm glad he finally sent me the pages.

the big boss is here again this week for more last minute training before our new system goes live next week.
i'm impatient to get the invoice and stuff done, but we'll see how fast the programmers work so that i can do my job.

ken's working more on nightgig again. 8^) he mentioned that someone was working on an automation code for the site. when it's done i'll make a blue canary mirror on nightgig.

addendum: the date for going live with the new system at work has been pushed back to the end of the month. *whew* that's a relief.



this is the plant dawn gave me.

and this is what the folks at work got me.

flowers definately aleaves any grumpy feelings towards my job, at least for awhile, anyway.
the pressure has calmed down some at work. thank you for prayers and thank you, God!

the food show was last week. it went smoothly, i thought. they had me working a booth. that was odd. i made out like bandit with free samples, though. however, i was not as bad as some of the customers...they would have 2 bags or more just full of whatever items they could put in it. 0.o
at least i wait until the show is over before i try to raid the booths.
one poor lady had an entire display of candles taken from her booth!

i'm working on designing a purchase order at work now, when i'm not working on the invoice. who know's when we'll resume work on the pricebook.

and it's administrative professional's day at work, formerly secretary's day. i was presented with a cute plant from dawn, a bouquet from the company and a little gift bag full of goodies from my boss, linda. so that's cool 8^)

when i signed into blogger, i was asked if i wanted to beta test google's new e-mail. while i've heard some controversy over the way google searches the contents of it's mail for better ad placement, 1 gig of space isn't something to shake a stick at either. so i'm trying it. if any real life friends wish to send something to me at that account, please contact me on my yahoo account first so i can send the new addy to you.



by now i would expect the folks at work to know that i can meet a deadline, but since the big boss wants this invoice redesign to be live by the time our new computer system goes live, i get pressured. he's got my immediate supervisor on my case and today it's really grating on my nerves.

right now, most of what i need to do has me waiting to hear back from computer programmers from two different companies before i can make progress. o.0 when i get bored, i try to find another project to do, only to get nagged at that i should put that down and work on the invoice, the one project where i can't make progress until i hear from other people. it's enough to make me go postal, (but i won't. i need the rent money.)

someone there though must have sympathy for she showed me a classified for a local graphic design position. if i get a job offer and it at least matches what i am currently earning, i'll take it. no second thoughts, no regrets. i'll be working on the resume tonight.
need i also mention that i haven't had a raise in pay since that first 90 day trial period when i first started 2 years ago...*grrr*

i've had it up to here with someone at work thinking they gotta hold my hand to get a deadline met after i've been here for two years and have yet, to my knowledge, to miss a deadline.