my day started later than it should've. i woke around 8 am. i was supposed to be at work at 6 am. my alarm didn't go off. i remember setting it last night.
they tried calling me but only had the phone number for dad's. needless to say, i wasn't at home.

i was angry and spiteful at myself. they had reminded me several times during this week that i would need to be there at 6 and i reassured them that i would. i felt like a liar.
luckily, you don't have to look fancy for inventory, just put on some clothes that you don't mind getting dirty and start counting. so i just threw on some clothes, put my hair up in a clippie and went to work. i arrive 5 minutes before the morning break. i didn't take it, prefering to work through it after arriving so late.

i did all that could to work. near lunch i had finished keying in what i had to key in. now it was time to eat and wait for recounts.

i just got through with those. luckily, harry and tracey helped me make sense of the sheets and i came away with better knowledge of the warehouse and would feel better doing it next time.

now, i'm just looking forward to going home, taking a shower and resting. 8^)


post-it note murals

there are no windows in my office and i'm not allowed to put up poster or even my framed diploma!
so i make art installions out of colored post-it notes to keep from going insane...
this is only the third one i've done. i like it!
i only finished it this afternoon.

i have to be at work tomorrow at 6 am for inventory.
but you're a graphic designer! why do you have to count stuff in the warehouse?
because the big bosses told me to! that's why.
i'm not looking forward to this. i hate recounts, since it's hard for me to find stuff.
however, they are going to feed us so, that's good.
6 am. ick.

arguing with pen and ink
i argued with my comic last night. it just wouldn't draw right...
put i do have some if it looking the way i want. i'll finish tonight after work.


packages in the mail!
yay! my beads came in!
and i got the last book i ordered in the mail. more stuff to read!
also i got my cbldf membership card!
eeeee! 8^D


um, i just realized that while i have an idea where the story is going in blue canary, i have no idea what i'm doing to next week's comic.
oh, boy. o.O

the fair
saturday, ken and i met up with ken's friend, bill, and his wife, joy, and we went to the midsouth fair. it had just opened on friday. 8^)
the cool thing about this fair, besides it's huge size, is that the theme park, libertyland, is connected and admittance to the park is free when you enter the fair.
that doubles the rides. counting the ones in libertyland, there were 3 tilt-a-whirls and 2 scramblers/sizzlers.

traffic was awful do to U of M football game at the nearby liberty bowl 8^P
ken and i went around the block for over thirty minutes. he's mentioned that is was the worst parking situation he'd seen and he's lived in chicago for a year! 0.o finally we got lucky and found a spot on someone lawn near one of the entrances for $10.
these people near the fairgrounds make a killing charging you to park on their lawns. you can tell they've been doing it for awhile by the expert way they guide you on their lawn.
"little further, little further. ok, go the right. woah."
by that time ken was happy to pay $10. at first he thought it was too high. lol but driving around that congested block sure changed his mind quick!

we met joy and her mother at the entrance and wait for bill. joy's mom eventually went off on her own. where to, i don't know. i didn't see her again that night.
it was almost an hour later before we saw bill. both he and ken commiserated about the traffic and we went to hit the rides.

first, we went to see libertyland's newest, the rebellion. basically it took you up real high and dropped you real fast. if was fun, but not a ride i'd want to do over and over and over. afterward we hit the twister which was over too quickly. 8^(
then the boys saw it. the crazy ride that they rode the last time, the power surge. joy and i wouldn't ride it last time and wouldn't ride it this time. it was funny watching ken give me the "bat your eyes and pout" face while he tried to get me to ride it. it wasn't working. then we did the orbiter which is like a scrambler on in incline. ken said it got to his stomach more than the power surge. go figure! then it was the huge farris wheel, a classic. can't go to the fair and not ride either the carrosel or the farris wheel. then we found another crazy ride that ken was actually able to convince me to go on, the fire bolt. imagine the huge pirate ship ride, only on the end instead of a ship is a circle of seats that around. now imagine it doing that and the motion of the pirate ship ride and you have the fire bolt. it was fun, but a learned that i'm not as found of the sensation of falling out of my seat as i used to be. man, i'm getting old!

after the rides, the smell of the fair food got to us. roasted corn on the cob, steak gyros, ice cream and get this, deep fried candy bars.
we tried one out of curiousity. not bad, but i don't think i'll be eating another one soon. talk about heart attack city! o.0
we saw the exhibits and then had to head home. i think it was the happiest i've seen ken in some time. i'm glad we could go.

sunday was slow, reading while ken worked on a huge project. i hope he does well on it.

time said his keen_ account is now active. i wonder if ken's new one for monday the 13th is, too.
new blogs
i now have a blog for posting links to cool and funky websites called linkiedinks
and a blog for cataloging my passion for books called binge reading. enjoy!


art lessons
well, i decided after work to drop by ms. nanci's art class last night after work and speak with her about lessons.
i'm so glad i did.

i arrived on a fortious night, right in the middle of an adult art class.
the lesson are about $14 a lesson or $55 a month with supplies included. the lessons are whatever you want. painting, sculpture, drawing.
i need to focus on drawing and anatomy, nanci agreed with me that asu's one weakness is that the drawing and painting course lack an anatomy basis.
she also said that being a little lost for a year after graduating was normal. 8^) that is a relief.
"you should paint." she told me. and i think i shall.

i'll try to begin the lessons in october. since they are on wednesday's, i may have to move the day the comic updates again, but oh to be back in art class!
the smell of the turpentine and in an encourgaing atmosphere where i'll want to undertake creative endeavors and possibly work on my comic. i think being back in a structured enviornment will help be knuckle down and work on my comic. 8^)
yay! art lessons!

another meeting
i've been informed of yet another out of town meeting. this time on Oct. 1. it looks like i'll be traveling down to texarkana solo this time.
eeep! 0.0 i've driven driven this far before, much less on high interstates through little rock! sure, i've been a passenger on several 8 hour or longer road trips, butthis time it's me, i'm the one driving. it takes awhile for me to get comfortable driving to new locations since i don't know what i'm doing exactly. it's easy to second guess myself on directions and get all messed up. i'll get detailed instructions from sandy and off the internet, that will help. i think i'll also call mom and see what she recommends for long drives.

superficial stuff that could keep me from being bored like cd's will be taken.
let's see, what else do i need...
*make sure they remember to reserve my hotel room.
*pack! and don't forget anything!
*directions to texarkana, then to my hotel, then to the meeting and then back home will be needed.
*lots of gas money! guess i better ask dad for some dough.
*reset trip counter so i can get my mileage down and don't forget about restaurant receipts!
*advertising stuff that i will need for the meeting.

tomorrow, sandy and i are headed to the tobacco store in blytheville and maybe to the one in trumann so i can geta feel of the store better. the more i know, the easier it is for me to do the ads.

i didn't get to mention that on tuesday night, i started and finished Coraline. creepy book. 8^)


as many of these as possible must be accomplished by 9-20-02
* learn how to use that offset printer!
* get blue canary updating twice a week.
* redesign blue canary site.
* design site for spirit world and start it as a weekly comic.
* finish the design for this blog.
* complete a 24 hour comic.

well, keen has finally unleashed it. you have to pay to host the comic for a faster server but it would be worth it.
ken thinks i ought to wait, become really good about my update and then go to twice a week. very sensible advice and i agree with it.
however, i know me. i've been consistantly late with my comic. and what makes me think i'll draw two during a week? c'mon. i'm a slacker! i'm lazy!
i want so much to knuckle down and get to work on it, but procrastination has taken it's toll on me.
i got into a habit of wokring on things really close to deadline all through college. heck, it's affecting me at work even!
so how do i do it? how do i overcome the procrastination and get to work. just telling myself to do it isn't that simple. i can think of thousands of excuses. i wonder if i should dig out the artist's way book again and go through the exercises again.

ms. nanci, who i took art lessons from back in high school, is teaching again. i need to call her again for a quote on adult art classes. she says she lets them do whatever they want. i could focus on drawing skills and working on my comic. that would be cool. but that would cost money. i'm a little tight for cash this month. between, rent, the car payment, student loan payment, not too mention getting the fabric and beads for the sca event in october, (some of the beads are just for fun though. ok alot of them,) and my recent book binge, i don't have much funds. maybe i can get dad to pay for it...
we'll see.


i found this site thanks to a post on the ecartoonists list.
online anatomy for 3-d artists.
so i'm not a 3-d artist, but they come in handy for 2-d art. 8^)
i did a nice sketch.
30 minutes and i'm home! yay!


brush pens!
i want!

i read alot this weekend.
i started ender's game on friday after work. stayed up until 2 am finishing it.
i tried ot put it down long enough to visit c, but the book's grip on me was too strong!
saturday, i woke up and make a cake for jo. it was ok, i thought it was too dry and could've used more sugar, but as long as jo liked it, i'm happy.
her parents, granmary, scott, ken, myself and emily were there for desert and presents. it was fun. after the festivities, jo, scott, ken and i rented kung pow: enter the fist. bizarre and twisted is all i gotta say. well, besides, "whee-ooo-whee-ooo!"
sunday, i woke up around 9:30, picked up the memory of earth and didn't finish until around 4pm. only then did i shower and go see ken.
i feel a little guilty taking up so much of my weekend reading when i could've seen more of him.

now i have to think up this week's comic and finish these blasted ads!


binge reading
i go through periods where i will just thirst for books. i'm now in one of those periods.
i've always been an avid reader, but when i go though my book binge, i read more than i normally do!
it all starts with a little trip to the bookstore...
today at lunch i went by the bookstore and picked up 3 books:
Ender's Game and The Memory of Earth by Orson Scott Card
Coraline by Neil Gaiman.
before this, i ordered 5 more books from amazon! o.O
did i mention that i love books? 8^)

i visited the oekaki board again. great fun.
i directed ken to it last night. he drew a pretty good pic of gunther.

progress is slow but sure on the ads this month.
i'm just glad i have buydown signage to work on next. that's not so bad.

i get to see ken today! 8^D can't wait.


i found an oekaki board! 8^) mine's the pic of odile.
this board is attached to a cool art site called, tourniquet.
wish i could draw like that. go check it out.

i guess i couldn't draw enough today. i doodled and chatted with jo on yahoo. i do like their "doodle enviornment."
it's worth it alone for that.

bah! more ads at work. and by the time they decide to do anything or make corrections, it's past deadline. >8^(

now to home and to work on sca scrolls with jo.


the comic? what comic?
oh, that comic. heh heh.
i'm working on it. should be ready tonight. hopefully.

and i'm a cartoon!
what you you mean you already know that?
thanks, bry!

busy day at work. but at least i got stuff accomplished. yay!
this day just flew by. before i knew it, it was 3 o' clock and i haven't even eaten yet. 0.o

jo and emily did mucho cooking last night.
chili, and quiche and sweet potato pie and cookies! yummy.
so i now have lots o' food to bring to lunch.
too bad i can never find containers with lids for them.
i think i'll break down and buy some for the house when i get paid.

i think if i get the next comic done on time, i'll go to dad's on thursday night and sort through the stuff in my old room so i can have stuff for that yard sale. i don't know when it'll be now, but at least i'll be ready. also i've been looking through a bead catalog. i like to make crafty-like things from time to time. right now, i'm thinking of making my own jewelry. i've done it before and i can do it again, but i'm going to order mucho beads. then i have enough to make some for friends birthdays, christmas, etc.
maybe i might be able to sell them on ebay...*shrugs*

i need to finish my blog's design...i'll try to do that after i finish the comics for this week and the next...

this is a riot. check out the star wars and lord of the rings versions...
Hand Puppet Movie Theatre


da' meetin'
ok, so the MSCA meeting. it went well.
i've already typed it in my forum, so here it is:

"the monthly MSCA meeting is held at RP Tracks, a little bar and grill near the Univeristy of Memphis campus, right next to the Tiger Bookstore.
i got to meet lots of cool folks who draw and talk comics.
of course i'm bad with names...
one guy draws political cartoons for a local newspaper. the desoto county times, i think...
another guy was a ghost artist for "hagar the horrible."
yet another is one half of the creative team for the comic, "the buckets."
they were a laid-back, friendly groups of folks. i had a good time.
i took along some blue canary strips and they laughed in the right places! woo hoo! "

i'm an offical member now. yes, i know i'm such a sucker. lol
i can't wait for the next meeting. it was fun.
as for being laid back, ken put it best after president tommy williams called the MSCA an "organization."
"that's a strong word for as laid-back as you guys are!"
which was followed by laughter. 8^)
they liked ken's work, too. he's going to try to have more to show at the next meeting.
now, i'm counting down the time at work so i can see him!
he's finished pencilling a new first page for In Shining Armor. he's going to start that story all over again from another point in the story's timeline. i'm glad he's starting to work on it again. 8^)


it's time for a fortune cookie moment...
"You will be called upon to help a friend in trouble.
Lucky Numbers 10, 21, 30, 31, 34, 42"

it's tonight!
the MSCA meeting that is! i'm excited!
while i'm doing that, i'll be inking in this week's comic.
i hope to make lots of progress on it during the meeting.
wish me luck!