i would list all that i've done since my last post, but that would take too long.

i finally have this site's design finished. jo is gracious enough to do the coding for me. thanks, jo-chan!
hopefully, she'll be able to help with my comic's site design, too.

i haven't been updating blue canary. no excuse for it, i know, but i haven't forgotten my comic either.
i'm in the process for apartment hunting. jo and becca will be moving out in august. their parents will be selling the place i'm at now.
so, looking for a place to call my own is eating up my time.
i haven't even been reading webcomics...i don't think i've seen sluggy since fat tuesday.
don't tell me what happens, tho! i'll read it sometime.
i've been binging on actual books, instead.

my birthday's tomorrow. i'll be 26.
strange, but all this year, i've considered myself 26 , not 25...
it's like i skipped 25 altogether and will just have two years of being 26. *shrugs*

perhaps if i get a break this week i can draw, but who knows what will happen.
i know i am getting tired of just not updating.
i had a strange dream a month or so ago.
in it, my comic was to be animated. good, right?
well, i turn on the tv and they made it live action. um, ok.
and then they totally cut out the parts of amelia and odile, two of my favorite characters!
no ferdinand, either. it might as well been retitled, the "max and miles show."
then, they started changing the character's personalities and that is when i woke up seriously p.o.ed.
i stayed mad throughout the rest of that day. weird.
but it got me thinking that no one else is going to tell this story with these characters. they're vision may be totally different from what i see. that only i can do this and if i'm not doing that, then i'm letting the characters die.
it was like my subconious was saying, "enough! get off your lazy but and update your comic, already!"
i usually have a bad habit of picking up an interest in something and then dropping it just as quickly as i picked it up.
guitar lessons, for example. i still can't play my guitar. however, i didn't drop my comic as quick as others...
am i quitting? not on your life.
i have a story to tell and i owe it to the cast of the comic to tell it.
now i just need to work on my procrastination and discipline problems...
the perfect way to do so is for me to just start working on my comic. to put all thoughts of everything else aside. to not nag myself about how i went on so long with out updating...to just start working again. sometimes the best way to learn and figure out your problems is to do.
but tonight i need to sleep.
bah. maybe i should give up sleep instead.