i found a webcomic purity test.
it sees just how much webcomics control your life.

and my score was:
"Your score is: 41 of a possible 192 points
You are 21% impure "

which is odd, cause i am a webcartoonist! 0.o go fig.
speaking of which i need to get back to the story, because jo's boy demands it.


i've been rather busy at work, so please forgive the lack of postings.

i knew it was going to be an interesting day when my supervisor, linda, asked, "Kathryn do you know where we can find a belly dancers?"
o-khay. turns out she wants one as a gag for a fellow employees birthday. hee hee. he's gonna blush!

i had a nice weekend. saw a lot of ken. he was "on call" but we were able to sneak away from osceola for awhile.
however, ken was suffering from headaches most of the weekend due to fronts moving in. he's really sensitive to atmospheric pressure.
we were going to a little computer sale at the agricenter in memphis, but didn't get there in time. so, we went to the mall.
then over to best buy where ken got a fancy schamncy keyboard. can he play? no. but he wants to learn. it has cool sound effects too.
he has an idea about doing flash toons and doing his own music and sound effects. it's be pretty cool.

while we were there, we looked for wacom graphic tablets. can you believe that they didn't have one! *wah!*
i want one. if something happens like, my scanner won't scan, i can draw comics that way and still make deadlines.

after that, we found the coolest place!
i went to italy last summer and fell in love with gelato, italian ice cream.
well, the place we found, the gelato cafe, serves it exactly like they did in florence.
it was so good! it's now my favorite place for ice cream.

sunday was a blah day. mostly snuggling while letting ken rest (his head still hurt.) we did break away to blytheville. i finally got to see the bookstore they have there. small shop, limited supply on the sci-fi/fantasy and craft selections, but lots of good fiction. nice atmosphere.
later his sister dropped by for a visit. i spent the rest of the time playing final fantasy X.

been busy at work with those ads, buydown signage and typin gthat employee handbook.
and one of the ads is due tomorrow! *ack!*
back to work!


well, i've spent most of my day typing.
apparantly they want me to retype the employee handbook (two different ones, now,) and then e-mail it to them so they can make corrections like that.
some things a designer shouldn't have to do. that left me with little time to rework the layout fo the ads for this month. oy.
and i'm only half way through the first handbook!
at least i am not bored, though. and my hands are gettting some exercise. 8^P

at least my love sent me a nice e-mail that made it all better. 8^)

his going to get expereince to get a better job here or elsewhere kick has me on a educational self-improvment kick. not to mention jo's wanting to go to grad school.
i was looking at the portfolio center in atlanta. that has promise. but when will i ever be there? *shrugs*
i may just follow ken where ever he ends up at and see about a university with a good art program that offers illustration courses.

i was have trouble with poses when drawing the comic last night. it's not done because it doesn't look right.
i may have jo pose for me or see about some adult life drawing classes in town. my skills need some sharpening.


i had a pretty good weekend.
jo, david and i went to woodland wars iv, our local sca group's annual event.
i got to borrow a tent from jo's boy, scott and an air mattress from jo. so "sleeping ok" was taken care of.
it did rain on saturday night, but earlier is was as beautiful a day as you could ask for.
and i helped with feast, so food was also taken care of.
dee really did well. i mean everything looked so fancy and tasted wonderful. 8^)
the one class i did go to was interesting. i got tired and with the heat of the day i decided to do the siesta thing and take a nap until court.
and the garb jo made me was so cute! thank you, jo!
it was so cool getting to see everyone again. 8^) such as tracy and stu and jeff and mike and misty, etc.
and after the feast i got to talk to dee about illumination. i'd like to try it out.

things i learned at the event:
+ the water for solar showers take forever to heat up. so go get hot and sweaty and you won't mind a cold shower. also hooks for the solar water bags on the ladies side would be a good thing. thank god there was a water hose with a spray attachment! but solar showers are better than none at all.

+ i have a tendancy to wake up early during events. me, "miss i like to sleep in late!" go fig.

+ bring bug repellant. those 'skeeters and ticks are everywhere!

we went home on sunday. jo, scott and i ordered chinese. yum! i showered and waited for my love to drop by since i had a little time to see him. i was half asleep when he rang the doorbell. i ran down the slick, hardwood stairs in sock feet.
i think you can tell what happens next.
i get near the bottom, miss a step and fall. my knees hit the floor and my face comes very close to smashing into the peace lily by the door.
and i did something to my left foot cause it hurts like heck.
i open the door while sitting on the floor, unsure of getting on my feet. ken came in and helped me to a couch. i spent the rest of the day with my foot elevated and leaning against ken.
he was so thougthful! he got me some ice for my foot. nevermind it hurt to put it one there, but he was so sweet! 8^)
he had to help me get to my room last night before he left. i couldn't hobble up the stairs. i was basically hopping everywhere.

today, it's doing better.
still hurts some, but at least i can limp around.
everyone at work was concerned. i kept hearing, "you're making me hurt watching you limp around," and " you sure you're ok? the bones in feet are pretty fragile."
if it does get worse, i'll see a doc. but i hope it doens' t need that sort of attention. i don't have my insurance yet. it doesn't kick in until october i think. yuk.

i'm gonna go get some water. throat is very dry. *limps off to find a cup*


iknow i said that the last one was the "only concession" to these "who are you" quizzes, but guess what?
i lied.

What 8-Bit Theatre
character are you?
at LeetAssQuotes.


i was just told by jack who works in the warehouse, that there was some candy that was to be given away in the break room. i'd better hurry if i wanted any.
well, who could turn down free candy.
the only thing i saw worth taking was a selection of mike and ike's.
will i eat it? maybe, maybe not. we'll see if i can find a use for it.
and now, a fortune cookie moment.

"You will be awarded some great honor.
Lucky # 9, 15, 20, 21, 33, 39"

hmmm. i wonder what that honor would be?
especially if you follow the "Herald" rule of reading a fortune cookie.
from operators standing by dated April 21, 2000:

"After reporting his cable out, a customer asked the operator "Are you going to call me and keep me entertained while my ****ing cable is out?" The operator replied "Sure, I tell you what--get in the corner and stand on your head and stay there until I call back." (11:38pm)

*note: that was manical laughter. the "evil glen" would be proud.*
normally i dont' get this crabby or mean-spirited. blame it on the site. 8^)
i'm so glad i don't have their job.

btw- MMhhHHaAAaaaaa!
found something of interest.

operators standing by, a site by jetwolf, half of the team that produces the comic "as if!"
when pbs pledge drives and infomercials state "call now! operators are standing by!" these are the people that you call.
see all sorts of ignorant crap that they put up with.

*warning* can induce a crabby mood after reading about people's stupidity and the general feeling of not wanting to breed. ever.

well, i have the make-do comic drawn, inked and scanned.
tonight after work, i do some small grayscaling an load it to keen.
then i'll start to work on another and hopefully have it done before woodland wars.
that way another comic will show up, even if it's off the current storyline.

i'm feeling kinda blah about the current storyline anyway...
i want it to hurry and end, that way i can concentrate on other stories i want to tell with the characters.
and i've learned that i need either to script out strips in their entirety or have a stricter outline of what goes on.

but i don't know what i am going to draw for the next strip in the story. ihave a rough idea but do i really want to do it?
i prolly will anyway just to progress the story along.

i want to move to updating my comic three days a week. to do so for four month is would need about 52 strips in advance. *whew* lots of drawing.
you know, i still don't think the total of blue canary strips drawn up til this point equals 50!
and the comic will be 2 years old in september! 9.9

i guess i really need to learn to manage my time better, otherwise i'm not going to get anywhere with this.
i'll bring a sketchbook to woodland wars and try to figure out the next storyline in advance. see if i can outline 52 strips and go!


i just remembered...i forgot to tell you guys.

when i hooked up my "new" scanner, i uninstalled the driver (i think, it was scanwizard) and installed the new one.
well i guess the files it said was ok to delete, weren't.
now i'm getting the blue screen of death when i scan.

i sense a special comic on broken scanners and a trip to kinko's tonight.
thank god, jo's imac has an ftp program that works!

ken! come fix my 'puter!
of course, this will have to be after woodland wars...ug. two weeks.
i just found a really cute comic!
commander kitty!
well, after much wrangling with tech support, jeremy and i have got the badge printer a-workin'!

'bout time!
the trouble was this:
the program was made in 1997. the company that made it has stopped supporting it. yuck.
so we call the people who made the printer. we finally get the computer to recognize the driver we installed.
we test print. then we try a test in another program. both are fine.
it's the software's fault. yuck.
on a whim, i suppose, jeremy installed the 32-bit spooler and with that, it works.

so i've been printing badges on and off today. fixing to go print some more.
i need an idea for my next comic...i may just have to wing it. we'll see.

*pops another tangerine sour altoid in her mouth and goes to print more badges*


i discovered something yesterday.
jo and i were bored on a rainy sunday afternoon.
we were roaming around the new walgreen's. that should tell you how bored we were.

at the checkout lane, something catches my eye. round tins with lime green and orange labels proclaiming, "altoids."


turns out that they have a citrus and tangerine sour hard candy now. it's pretty good.


i didn't get to post much yesterday...
jeremy, our douglas tech guy, was here to fix my computer.

aparantly when roxio bought out adaptec, they changed someof the code in easy cd creator.
well, dell preinstalled the adaptec version on my 'puter and for some reason, it kept askin gfor the disk. the only one they sent us is for roxio.
this it began to eat holes in the registry, asking for the disk when you started up not realted programs. yuck.

so, jeremy and i made back-ups for my important files and then upgraded me to xp. 8^)
not bad. i still wish it was mac os X but on the whole not bad.

the i.d. printer still won't work! ug! 8^(P
so he tried to hook in up to denise's computer this morning. still no luck. so he's off the fix the computers for the new store in blytheville while i get to call tech support. they should be open by now (west coast hours. 8^P)
right now though, i am running scandisk on denise's computer. according to jeremy by the sounds it's making, the hard drive is about to die. what fun.

in other news:
i got the rest of my stuff from ikea. my room is starting to look about how i want it.

i get to see my love today. 8^)

my computer at jo's may finally be hooked up to the internet soon, like this weekend, maybe or monday...

jo is making me cool garb. she's working on a blue bodice. so cute. ken ought to like what it does to my upper bod. *can we say "cleavage?"* of course that will be covered up by my chemise, but still...
did i also mention she making a nice new chemise,i think for court garb. it's silk. ahhhh. 8^)

i have more comics to draw, regular size this time. lots to do!

jeremy can't handle a heat level of 6 let alone 4 right now. "respect the 'king and i," wise word, jerms the thai resturant deserves respect. lots of heat in food it has, yes!

maybe, just maybe i'll finally get to see episode 2 this weekend.


ah, the smells. it makes me hungry.
across the street from us at Douglas Companies, is the Post cereal plant.

sometimes when you come and leave the Douglas building you can smell whatever they got cookin'.
the night of my first interview, i smelled somtething alot like cocoa pebbles. yum. and that is generally what i smell most times.

not yesterday. as i left for lunch it was fruity pebbles. 8^)
i was turning off of our street to get to the overpass, i got behind a tanker truck leaving the plant. you know, the ones usually used for gasoline and milk.
except this one had on the back in big, red letters: "Sugar Services." 8^)P

and today as i drove across the little overpass to get to work, i could smell the heavenly scent from Post.
couldn't recognize it, but it was a wonderful thing for my senses.
working at this location has it's advantages.


well, i added some new links and fixed some bad ones. 8^)
go me!
i got some of my stuff form ikea yesterday,
well only the tv/vcr stand, but i got it put together and it looks so cool!

i need to move some stuff into my room, get a frame for my bed and get it organized. room look's like a mess! gotta clean it.

going by home tonight to pick up a package-my andy warhol doll is in! i had to get some nonsense in my office. just to play with everyone else's head. 8^)P
and to pick up that long phone cord carter got for me. if it's long enough, i can get my computer at jo's online so i can update my comic regularly again.

payday! oh yeah! gonna try to save $250 dollars since i don't have to make a car payment this month (dad's doing that as a birthday present. 8^)
well, i can't save all of it...i do have a speeding ticket to pay...$120. yuck.
that is my first ticket though and if i see about defensive driving, i can maybe get it off my record.
and i have bills to pay. not much, they accumulate a about $31. not too bad.
i can save about...$130. better than nothing.
ken's right, i need to learn to save and manage my money better. hopefully, living on my own (sorta) will help me with this.

jo brought her friend david from latin class over. she got him started in the sca.
he had gotten some gold and black brocade drapes fro 50 cents at a church garage sale.
the pattern is period, so jo is making him a cloak out of it. it'll be very pretty.
she's working on getting me some italian reinassance garb. 8^) she found some nice courderoy (spelling?) that can feel a little like velveteen and looks like it from a distance.
she gonna dye it and make me new court garb. 8^)

hey! fossie and stu linked to me! yay!
i'll need to add stu's now. 8^)
speaking of adding stuff, jo's got a cool new layout to her site. check it out.
she even used the little sprite i made of amelia to link to my comic! yay!

i like the kitty cat you used to link my blog, jo. where'd ya get it?

i got that cd with my comic mailed off on monday, but i haven't heard if scrubbo got it yet. he should've i overnighted it.
huh. well, if there is a problem with it, he'll let me know.




at least i got some work done today.

i spent the night at dad's. he treated me and carter to dinner at colton's.

i got to pet my kitty cat! i miss her. i couldn't take her with me. 8^(
she has to go the vet this weekend. time for shots.

the best part of yesterday was when i was chatting with ken online (his phone's battery is dying. that is why we were online.)
he has come up with some more good ideas for monday the 13th. i can't wait until he starts this comic. i gotta see what he does with it. 8^)
the only comics that can usually that to me are sluggy (when in the middle of an exciting plotline) and what's going on with GPF right now.

*swoon* is it any wonder why i'm in love with my guy? 8^)

the second best part? the box of nifty origami i got from my friend, lar de souza.
they are so cool. there's even a starship enterprise origami! *lol*
only you, lar.
these beauts are going in my office. 8^)
but only after i show them off to my friends.


i had chinese for lunch. that means only one thing:

fortune cookie!

"Money is the root of all evil
and man needs his roots.
Lucky #: 3,9,15,19,22,39"

hmmmm. weird.

today around 2:50 pm, i will be 25 years old. 8^)

friday was so nice! i went to ken's for awhile.
the boy went all out.
he made, get this, cornish hens!

accompanied by a ceasear side salad, biscuits, corn on the cob and fried potatoes.
yum! if you think he can't cook, think again. i can tell you he's a great chef, when he wants to be.

the rest of the weekend was both relaxing and do nothing yet stressful.
trying to send those pages for the keenspace book didn't work out. i'll be mailing a disc with the images out to them.
ken had a bit of cleaning up to do to get his old room ready for it's new occupant, his grandmother.
and of course his cousin, dennis, came by so some fishing was in order.

i got treated to some ice cream yesterday and while at b&r i bumped into my old copymax supervisor, sherry.
her family was all gathered together. her baby boy, nicholas, is now one year old. he's getting big.
i've never seen a baby so happy. he's always smiling. never once have i seen him cry. 8^)

sherry has decided to give me some of her old desktop publishing stuff: an old mac with print shop and ready, set, go!, a pantone swatch book and an old a.b. dick printer. 8^D that will come in handy. i might be able to make my own mini-comics. cool!
she said it's pretty heavy. i may need a truck to move it.
now if i can get that stuff and then, learn how to use that printer and turn my computer images into plates.