sick, flats & reading
sick. i hate being sick.
but that was yesterday, around mid-morning to afternoon.
so i left work early so i could be sick at home.
what happens?

i'm driving along-all i care about is getting home.
i don't see anything on the road, but i run over something that sounds like some gravel scattered on the road...except i keep hearing one rock hit the same place on my rear left side. it stops after a few seconds, so i continue on, but slowly.
i don't live far from work, thank God.
i'm almost home when i hear another noise, this one i've never heard before, but i've got a good idea what it means: my rear left tire is flat.
great. well, only 2 stoplights until i'm home and no way was i going to be sick, on the side of the road with a flat tire, when i could be at home, sick, with a flat tire.
the sound got worse.
luckily, i get home. i was right, the tire was flat, but not as bad as i'd pictured (imagine a tire falling off the rim type of bad. that is what i thought was happening as the sound got worse.)
i called dad and he came and took my tire to be fixed and brought me some medicine. 8^)
later i called mom on advice on what to eat (and what you can eat,) when you're sick. dad's well-meaning, but somethings he doesn't have the same experience with as mom does.

i'm much better this morning. *knocks on wood*
i went back to work this morning.

i did feel better by yesterday evening when ken called, so i finished reading Reaper Man to him. 8^)

i also spoke with jo! she and kellie are giving me a ticket to go see phantom for christmas! it'll be down in n'awlins where kellie is. jo and i will prolly drive down there and we'll have a good ol' time. i'm looking forward to it. 8^)

back to work.


reading aloud
last weekend, i started to read Reaper Man by Terry Pratchett to my boyfriend.
we were on our way to lake nofork and i needed something to do besides keep an eye on the gps. this weekend i resumed the reading. we're almost done. 8^)

he's enjoying the story so far. he stayed at my apartment until 10 last night as i read to him. he drew a mech a he listened.

i just wish my throat wouldn't get so scratchy as i read out loud!
i'm glad i had plenty of water and throat drops around.