yesterday was payday, that glorious day when i have cash in my hand,
mind it may not be there by the end of the day, but at least it was
there for a little while.

i decided to go the new comic shop after work to clean out my file.
however, this was not to be for i was greeted with a grisly sight upon arrival.
the door was papered over and locked. all the lights were off. on the
window a notice read something like this:
"legends has moved to ?"

last week, i heard the owner talk to someone about selling the place.
well, someone or some three bought it only one backout at last minute
and the owner refused to give the money back. three days ago, the
other two showed up and claimed they owned the place. the now former
owner called the police who basically divvy up what was who and then
the shop door was closed and the locks changed.
poor dave, the guy who worked there is now out of a job.

and i liked that place! there's stuff i had on order, too!

so much for a good thing in this town.

that was my downer for the day...until then i was happy that i was
finally moving to a better apartment. the rents quite a bit higher,
but i won't have to worry about vermin, leaky rooves, staticiky phone
lines, electrical shorts and a landlord that won't spend the money to
take better care of his property. i officially move on the 15th.

the night before i found a slug in my bathroom. that's right, a slug.
i scooped it up in a plastic cup and placed it outside. (i was mad
enough to salt it, but ken asked that it's life be spared since slugs
don't hurt anyone.)

oy. i have lots of packing and cleaning to do.