a week in conway
i worked last sunday, helping them whereever needed and then monday i was off to conway to help there. i hated it.

don't get me wrong, conway's a nice town, but i really don't want to be there working for this company. the first two days were boring. i was sure people were tire do fme asking if they had anything for me to do. linda really wanted me out in the warehouse doing who knows what. i did end up there a few times this week helping to set up a type of flow rack-i was just setting thingies that the rollers would rest on.
wednesday was pleasantly busy-anything to keep me occupied and make the time go by faster.
with the exception of a few, most of the people who work there are fakes. especially the higher up you go.

good things did happen. jeremy from texarkana was there that first day and he and i had lunch togther. we found a wonderful hole in the wall chinese joint with great spicy food and good fried rice. it had a black pepper flavor i adored.
oh! i don't have to put up with kevin and alan anymore! woo hoo!
tim at work explained to me how it now made sense that those two bozos kept their jobs for so long. why bring in someone else for a few months when all they had to do was bide their time.

i'm home now. got in last night, but they want me back up there on monday. ick.
i stay until wednesday. i got some time off on the 3rd, 4th and 7th and i'm hitting the road with alice to go to wizard world texas. i volunteered to work at the show, so i get in free. 8^D
pray that they don't try to jerk my vacation out from under me. i won't put it past them.

ok, i found me resume on the computer this morning. i'll be tweaking it this weekend. wish me luck. c made me a list of places to send my resume out to and i need to get crackin' on that list.
man, i'm glad to be home.


changes or when it rains, it pours.
scattered thoughts here-expect poor grammar, rambling sentences, redundancy and general panic.

not, it's not raingin here, althought they thought i might.
ug. had a mess up with my checking account again. i must be worse at math than i thought. i keep getting overdrafts every few months. yuck.

just when i think i had it sorted and could relax, today i had a little meeting with the big bosses at work. the jonesboro division is closed as of tomorrow.
oh, i still have a job. i'll be needed to help shut this one down completely over the next few months and i've been offered to relocate to the conway division...

but i'm scared.
that is the emotion, i'm feeling isn't it? i just realized. i couldn't figure out what it was, except for indecision and apprehension. oh, and panic, too.
it's not the way i planned.
see, i thought ken would get a job, be there a few months, then i could move out there and work on either getting a new job or going back to school.
this complicates things.

i'm thinking of the marx bros. quote: "why have things simple, when you can have them complicated?"

it seems to be the story of my life.
hmmm. options:
go back to school(need money for this)
move to KC/Lawerence and see if i can find work there. (could use some money for this too while i hunt for work. i could bunk with jo until she got tired of me...)
try to find something here and risk not being able to make rent/car payment, etc.
take them up on the offer (which i'd rather not do unless i have to,)
something i haven't thought of yet.

oy. i need to talk to ken. 8^(
i've already talked to mom, but i need ideas. mom can only give comfort, which is important, but i need ideas, too.

i always wanted to leave this place over the past year, but not like this. *sigh*

my portfolio hasn't been updated since i got this job. i don't think i have much here that would qualify as being good enough to add to my portfolio. i need to update my resume! i hate job hunting. Acck!

ok, i need to calm down and just try to find the direction i need to go in. prayers are helpful.


it's a common sight to see in an area where gravel roads are common; cars & trucks covered with the dust of the road. it's prime space for temporary graffiti. things like, "teri loves mike," smilie faces and of course the ever popular critical request, "wash me!"

it's refreshing however to see something new inscribed in the dirt. today on my way to take the deposit to the bank for work i noticed tracy's car...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

her son had scribbled hot rod flames in the dust. too cute! i appologize if the photo isn't very clear.


what i did since my last post & assorted ramblings
it finally feels like autumn. i can understand with the chill briskness in the wind why fall air is called "brisk."
this weekend i was at the lake once again with ken and his folks. a wee bit chilly it was. i must remember to bring a sweater next time instead of just a fleece pullover.
the leaves around lake norfork were just starting to turn. it's going to be absolutly beautiful up there in a week or so. that alone is worth a little cold. i'm going to have to scape some $$ together in my budget to get some new sweaters and a pullover hoodie.

work is about the same. i come to work and quickly get in a angry mood. it disapates by the time everyone else shows up at 8. somedays however, i go home just as angry. it's like high school all over again; it's all about who you know and ego trips. ug. 9.9
i'm sick of it, but i'm waiting on ken before i make a move to flee from here.
i like working over at graphix, but i've already put in a full day at my other job, so often i wish i didn't have to go in, but i do. i need the money. rent, gas, bills...it all adds up. according to my budget i should have some extra spending money here and there, but i just don't see it. i must really suck at managing funds.

drawing continues on the first chapter of the restart of blue canary, but it has slowed quite a bit. pencils for page 12 is finished and i hope to start on page 13. i need to start thumbnailing out chapter 2 and finish writing chapter 3. still undecided on whether to ink the pages or to digital color over them.

jo came and visited the weekend before last, she had her high school class reunion. doug and c also moved to a new home so between helping them and hanging with jo, i was swamped. it was good to see both though.
jo and i went and harassed alice for a bit. 6^) i need to go bug her again soon. the only thing wrong with that weekend was that it was too short.

doug and c's new place is nice! brick exterior, hardwood floors and a charming retro kitchen. it looks like 40s-50s vintage at least. it's one of the house for rent on the ASU campus for faculty/staff and since doug works full-time an the convo, they were able to snag it. it's cheaper than their old place and much closer to work for doug, so they save on gas.

jo has had some excited this past week when a building in her apartment complex caught fire. luckily, jo and her kitty, annie, are alright. their building escaped the flames, but others are homeless and 3 have died.
jo, have you been back by there since? any status on your place? water damage, etc?
*hugs jo* i'm glad you are alright.

ken is working more on his portfolio but has returned to work on the project for jodain (is that how his name is spelt?)
his portfolio has been revamped to include a little animated sketch between an odd couple of robots. no, it's not 3po and r2. 9.9
it should be cute!

speaking of animations, ken and i saw "Wallace & Gromit: curse of the were-rabbit" before heading to the lake on friday. it was great. i like british humour. i would gush on it further, but i don't want to ruin the jokes for anyone. 8^)

i splurged a little yesterday and went by bath junkie and got some shower gel in one of my "scents," a combo of chamomile tea, cinnamon and dirt essential oils. (the dirt smells like a mossy earth. it's quite nice actually.) i wanted something ecletic that not everyone else would have. 8^)
and why did i suddently get some expensive bath stuff knowing full well how tight my budget is? well, ever since hillarygayle mentioned BPAL in one of her posts, i've been craving smell-good shtuff. funny, how when my sinuses get too sensitive to that sort of thing is when i want to wear it and i have headaches all day long as a result. anyhoo, i figure shower gel wouldn't be as strong as perfume oil and i didn't want to have to wait for BPAL. i'll do that at a later date.
the lady there also gave me a sample bottle of their calendula lotion, mentioning that people with my skin condition usually do well with it. i admit that the lotion does feel real nice. i may have to get more, but on another day, budget permitting.

finally, the new mall in town has opened 2 stores. everyone here is abuzz about it. i still haven't ventured inside yet, only beause it's crowded and i don't think i'll have much money to spend.
the rest of the mall should open in march.

it's cloudy today and i think it might rain. could be wrong though. i have to work til 5pm here today. 8^(P yuck. at least i brough my lunch and i won't have to go out in it if it does start to drizzle. i'm looking forward to my lunch, actually: bologna on wheat with mayo, pretzels and a braeburn apple as big as my fist.
nummy. 8^)

enough ramble. back to work. 8^(P