going live-card games-fluff

well, this is it. the new computer system finally goes online in a couple of days. and i think the majority of my tests to make sure that the customer invoices print properly with the newly designed form are complete. only one small changes to make to the form and that's it. for now, anyway. please cross your fingers and pray that i don't have to work all memorial day weekend.
last night i finally found some folks to play chez geek with and i learned how to play munchkin. good times. thanks for out to dave and the gang for inviting me to dinner and to the gaming group at ron's for playing chez geek with me.
and thanks for loaning me the book, ducker(is that how you spell it? i'm bad with names.)

btw...it's time for,
A Fortune Cookie Moment!
"Be content with your lot. One cannot be first in everything.
11 13 28 33 41 - 25
11 25 30 34. 0 5 6"

i sat next to dave's little girl at dinner. she's six and pretty sharp. i'm reminded of jo whenever she met a precocious child, "she's just so precious." and little miss mina draws quite well i hear. i'm looking forward to seeing her art. 8^)
sad news though. it looks like fluff, the demon cat, has died. he wasn't doing too good last weekend and on tuesday, he just went off into the woods and hasn't returned. ken and his folks don't think they'll find him. even though fluff was violent, mean and liked to inflict pain in others, ken genuinely liked the furball. i was even able to pet him a few times without getting bit or scratched. and he liked puppies; he'd play with them, not even biting or scratching unless he had to.
R.I.P. fluff, to the cat who liked dogs but hunted all cats down and gave them a daily thrashing. things will be less interesting without you.


library and stuff

made a trip to the library this friday. i paid my overdue fine *o.o* and got some new books. mostly i went to look at Alice Lynch's daredevil quilts. that's right, quilts. they are even approved by David Mack, the current writer of the book and creator of Kabuki.
She did a good job on the quilts, too. they are more like fabric collages than blankets. mind, they'd be small blankets. you can see some here, if you're curious.

i also made a trip to the new comic shop this weekend and learned a new game, guillotine. strange but cute game. i'm going to have to get a copy. i unearthed my copy of chez geek now that i might have some people to play it with.


testing e-mail posts again

just to be sure...
i'm trying to post to my blogs my e-mail again. i want to make sure it works.


testing e-mail posts

testing e-mail posts
i'm trying out the new stuff.
so let's see if posting by e-mail works. 8^)
new comic store

a new comic shop opened by my house. i'm going to start patronizing this one big time. the other one never ordered stuff when you wanted it. 9.9 i'm actually pretty excited about the place, not only can you get your comic fix and play some games, but it's a great hang out spot. i think i'll go there a few times a week with my drawing supplies and try working on a comic there.


working da weekend
well, since our new computer system goes like on memorial day, i've just learned that we will be doing tests that weekend, so guess who has to work...me!

at least i'll be getting paid for it.