First four-leaf clover of the year.


Tabatha said...

A FOUR LEAF CLOVER!! That is pretty cool!

AA said...

totally random question, what ever happened to blue canary?

Kit said...

it's on hiatus. i have no idea when it will restart. my motivation isn't what it used to be. i'm working on that. i was working on the restart of the comic when ken passed away.

you can see some of that work here if you haven't already.
i'm still working creatively with illustrations and such on my livejournal and deviantart pages. plus, i'm exploring altered books.

i don't want to give a date as to when the comic will restart when i don't trust myself to make that date. as soon and i do trust myself and work on it, i'll post a notice on all my blogs and such.

part of me feels bad, like i'm obligated to post my comics asap. but i'm mostly doing this comic for my own pleasure (and if anyone else likes it, i'm happy, but that's not my main goal.) i have to take things at my own time and pace. i apologize if it's too slow for you, but i want to get the story right and that takes time.