snippet from a googletalk chat with jo or now i know what cat farts smell like. ick.

me: woah! dinah on lap and she's letting go some stinky farts! MAN!
Jocelyn: LOL
Jocelyn: poor Kit
me: just thought i'd share. >8^)
Jocelyn: >^^;< ...oo00OO
me: LOL
Jocelyn: jsut thought I'd illustrate
me: ok she just jumped off my lap now.
Jocelyn: hehe
me: i guess she is.
Jocelyn: I meant you
me: i'mnot the one that farted.
Jocelyn: but you might be the one who's relieved not to have a farting cat on your lap
me: i'm a bit insulted she had to wait until she was on my lap to fart but otherwise...
she's too cute to be upset at.
Jocelyn: heh
still funny
me: yeah.
i know. tmi but i had to share.
btw, i found 3 more four-leaf clovers yesterday. what the mess?

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